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Hajduk 0-3 Inter: Yay!

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Let me just say two things right off the bat:

  1. Three away goals and a clean sheet makes Johonna a very happy camper, and
  2. I am feeling much more confident about the season to come.

Now, I dont want to make more of this than it was. After all, a single game is only a single game, but boy howdy, today Inter felt like a team and that is leaps and bounds better than where we were at the beginning of last season.

For those of you who missed the game, here are some very abbreviated highlights:

You can find a much better and longer version here on FedeNerrazzura, along with a translation of La Gazzetta dello Sport's review of the game (it was good, they liked us).

And I like us too. I mean, that typically goes without saying but today, I liked liked us. Guarin was a revelation in midfield while Sneijder was almost back to his Mourinho self. Add a grown-up Coutinho to the mix and I begin to think that maybe I wont have to watch the whole season through my hands. I know that the team isn't complete yet, but I cant help feeling we are on the right track.

Oh, and another positive note: How great is it to see a guy on the sidelines who is not only pretty to look out but seems like he actually has a plan and knows how to implement it?


There is just something about him that neither Gasparini nor Ranieri had.

Whatever it is, I sure do like it. via

Which brings me to my next topic:

Hey look, everyone! I added more than one picture! And a video too!

I am beginning to figure things out around here. I know, it sort of sucks that we cant edit or delete comments, but you can add your own posts, pics, and videos to the blog. If you look up in the top right-hand corner, under the search box, you should see a place that says:

New FanPost FanShot

FanPosts are a place for you all to post your own pieces. I especially encourage those of you who get a chance to see Inter live and in person to post a little something so the rest of us can share the joy. But really, anything that you think warrants more than a comment or is off topic or just something you particularly want to bring up.

FanShots are a place to post a picture or a video or a quote - something small you would like to bring to our attention. I intend on using that quite a bit! The fun is, we can all comment on them and join in the conversation.

Just click the word to try it out and make one for yourself; links to both FanShots and FanPosts appear in a panel about midway down on the right. If you look, you will see that I made one to test it out. It was pretty intuitive and worked like a charm. Check it out.

I know some of you were disappointed that there was no live chat for the game today. Kirby and I are hard at work trying to make those happen. As I said in a comment on the last post, Kirby is now a working stiff so these weekday games may be a bit of a stretch for him. I am sure that things will be up and running by the time the normal season begins. Just so you all know, this is not an SB Nation thing but a Cover It Live thing. We will get it worked out, we just need a little more time.

Which brings me to


Love the hugs, still not sold on the red.