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Happy New Year!

Another calendar year begins as the team prepares for the next half of the season.

And a hearty welcome to the madness Morten, Hugo (delayed) and Tommy Boy.

Morten Knudsen – 18 year old Danish International was transferred from FC Midtjylland Academy for €500,000 in late summer. Morten was a staple of the U17 team and is now graduated to the U19. He considers himself a box to box and I promise that you will always know where he is on the field, even if you are in the top ring of the Meazza.

Hugo Campagnaro – For those who don’t know him, he’s a 32 year old Argentine international central defender. He came to Italy in 2002 and played for Piacenza. Since then he’s played for Sampdoria and Napoli. He’s a little well known for having a quick temper, but skills wise he’s a very solid player. He’s a little old at 32 but the price is right – free transfer – and rumor is that he’ll be playing for much less than the Walter Samuel or Chivu €2m price barrier. Personally I have absolutely no problem with this deal EXCEPT that I would prefer that the rumored 3 year deal be more like 2 years.

Tommaso Rocchi – Everyone is freaking out about this move, but it doesn’t really bother me. I just can’t see Rocchi, who has sat out almost the entire half season at Lazio get any significant time at Inter as a vice-anything. I see one of Livaja or Longo staying at home and him, Cassano or Palacio actually being the vice-Milito. If there’s a significant loss of personnel up front than I think Coutinho steps in. Either way, I think Rocchi is going to be the last ditch safety net in case the worst happens seeing as we are using 3 guys in their 30s up front mostly. My view is that it can’t hurt to pick up a cheap loaner attacker who is familiar with the league and knows what’s what. In my mind he'll be fine If he never actually sees the field and won’t expect to be/be treated as the star – causing no trouble in the dressing room. It just doesn't stir my coffee to get all worked up about what is probably no big deal. If he plays and doesn't score than he won’t play for very long. If he plays and scores, then we get goals… goody for us.

Moving on to other transfer rumors… there are none that seem concrete or interesting at all. The Lampard stuff is just paper talk as far as I am concerned and nothing else really seems more than Gosh here’s a guy who’s a midfielder who might possibly be close to being available and Inter need a midfielder right? So…