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Inter “News” Tuesday Jan 8, 2013

There is some movement on the Transfer Window movement and I wanted to get an update out there.

Claudio Villa


The outgoing news is… not much, but something significant. There is nothing currently in motion regarding the young guys – all youth on the team that started the season with the “first” team is still here. There is talk of inserting half of Livaja in all dealings but there is nothing concrete as yet.

The right side of the Inter backfield might gain significant talent from the sale of Jonathan to someone, anyone in Brazil. There was recently news about a 2 or 3 million Euro offer and I am curious as to why it isn’t a done deal. That’s right in the neighborhood of his price and Inter can be thankful that they can cut their losses to such a degree.

There are continued talks/meetings/rumors regarding Ricky’s sale. The price is set at around 10 million Euros and there are significant rumors that many clubs are at least interested, one of which from Argentina is in town to talk about this very thing. I like Ricky a lot but I can see why Strama might not feel that he’s a good fit for the team as he (Strama) envisions it. I believe, and I may be very wrong here, but I think that Strama wants a high energy, running team in a 4231 – like formation where the players go up and down the field a lot. This is not Ricky’s game. Also I think that Strama likes’em with a bit more beef on the hoof, if you know what I mean. Anyhoo if he’s going to be sold, then it’s to the team’s benefit that more than one team wants him, and this seems to be the case.

Silvestre has reportedly turned down a transfer to Genoa, for which I can’t say that I blame him too much for. Things are strange in Genoa lately and here I am thinking about the team handing shirts to the Ultras in a bizarre tableau. Anyhoo, the bottom line is that he prefers Napoli, and again I can’t say that I disagree with him. It’s a better situation by far. I realize that he has his detractors, and I am not saying that they are wrong here, but I think it’s a pity and a waste of time if he leaves this January and something more productive couldn’t come from his being here. But as they say, if you have to go, go quickly.

Which brings me to the relatively big news of the day which is an official, credible offer for Wes Sneijder came in from Galatasaray. I don’t know that he takes it, but they are a top club in their league and in the Champions League – all of which are what he has considered important to his future club. The last criterion that he desires is a large enough salary, and that’s where we might run into a bit of a snag. There are lots of rumors floating around about this but what is actually “known” is that an offer has come in, it’s at about the right amount that Inter are looking at – rumor has it around 10 million-ish – and that the Turkish club has been given the go ahead to negotiate with the player. Early rumors have the initial salvo by the Turks as 6 mil per year. Does this mean I think Wes will play in Turkey this spring? No it does not. But it’s promising to me that it’s only a week into the transfer window and there is a concrete offer on the table. It might not be resolution but it might be a sign of things to come – namely that the circus leaves town and actual football can be focused on in the dressing room if not the media.


Inter are in significant talks with Atalanta for Schelotto who is a right sided outside player in the same mold that we have all become accustomed for Inter wide players to be like. At first there was a report that the offer was rejected, but that news has changed in recent hours to something more positive. Schelotto would be an improvement on Jonathan, in my inexpert opinion, by a huge order of magnitude, the number not yet discovered or named by mortal men. So I am actually hoping this thing goes through, despite any previous objections I might have had about Schelotto in previous years.

With Castellazzi down for likely a few more months Inter are supposedly in talks with Chievo for Sorrentino. I think Sorrentino is a very good goalkeeper but I also think that his inclusion in the team would be more than an emergency fill in for Castellazzi – it would be as a permanent replacement. Which would beg the question, what to do with Castellazzi when he gets better, because he actually already has a contract until 2014? I don’t really see this as a major problem, but I see it as a problem in the near future. But more immediately my concern is… what do you give up for Sorrentino? Chievo are desperate to hang into Serie A this season and they are on the cusp of falling over the competitive cliff, so to speak. Sorrentino is probably one of their best players, so there will be players going the other way. We can only hope that they would be loans or co owns with the understanding that they come back at some point. If it came right down to it and Chievo demanded ownership of some of the really good youth prospects, I would rather go without the vet backup keeper and take my lumps in the short term until summer.

The most significant need of the team in this window is the one with the least amount of “news” (Note the quote marks) thus far. At least one columnist of a sports website has virtually guaranteed that when his 3 game suspension is over, Lodi will be in Black and Blue. There is always a blurb regarding Fernando of Porto in the rumor mill, but I think that train is out of the station until the summer or next winter if his contract situation remains the same at the least. There is no other hope really from any other source regarding a midfield director other than another hit on the youth circuit. To finish up this particular positional transfer section, I remain in a puzzled state of wonderment why Inter hasn’t contacted Napoli for that guy on loan in Atalanta, Cigarini. I get that he’s not considered “World Class” whatever that means, but you know what? Right now we have nothing and he’s better than that, so I say go for the upgrade. He’s under 30 - I think – and he’s a Serie A vet. I don’t think that they come much more ready to wear than that. And that’s really all I have to say on that matter.

Apparently there is a real interest in Saponara of Empoli who I mentioned in passing last week in one of those updates I wrote. Apparently he’s a consideration for a right offensive winger position in June. He’s 23 and currently plays in Serie B.

A week ago I wrote that Compagnaro is going to be Inter’s in June, well here are the rumored details: 2 years – option on a 3rd, 1.5 mil per and he’s going in with the knowledge that he’s a reserve. I have no problem with any part of this deal. I know that there is some consternation in the various Inter chat rooms and bulletin boards but I am very happy with these numbers for next year.

Updates as they arrive.

PS - As of this moment 3:30pm Est. Inter Babies are 2-0 down at the half to hosts Liverpool for the last game of the Next Gen Series group stage for the team. Liverpool need a win to advance to the next round. Inter have already qualified.

PPS - At 77 minutes it's 4-1 Liverpool.

PPPS - At this point it looks like Inter will lose this game 4-1 with 2 penalties to Liverpool. Shades of the last time these two teams met in England for the Champions League. Inter played the backups and I think there were expectations of Liverpool working harder for the win than the Inter players, but I don't think this result was anticipated.

PPPPS - reading tweets by Liverpool supporters who think that by