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The Inter Poll: The Battle of the Exes

Walter Mazzarri is not the only one who will be taking on his old club this weekend.

Walter Mazzarri
Walter Mazzarri
Claudio Villa

Before we get to this week's poll, the previous Inter Poll brings unsurprising results: The majority of you are looking forward to a new stadium. With this in mind... hopefully we'll have the funds available, the Milan City Council approve our plans, we break ground in 2015, and have our own home by the end of the decade!

Now to this week's poll:

Inter face Napoli, who happen to be one of our main opponents for the coveted third and final Champions League spot.

While this alone would normally be enough to entice the senses, two major subplots seem to be the focal point of this upcoming fixture. In one corner, we have current Inter and ex-Napoli manager, Walter Mazzarri. In the other corner, we have the current Napoli and ex-Inter manager, Rafa Benitez.

To the majority of Interisti, Benitez was the stuff of nightmares after he took over the Inter helm post Treble (and post Jose Mourinho) in 2010. By now, we all know how the story goes: Benitez changes the training regimen, does not think an Inter player should win the Ballon d'Or, tries to marginalize Esteban Cambiasso, etc. etc., until he demands the board buy him players during the press conference right after Inter won the Club World Cup. His ultimatum cost him his job and Inter have not looked back since, despite Benitez's constant complaining and blaming Inter at every possible turn.

Needless to say, the crew here at SB Nation Inter Offside had a plethora of ideas regarding this week's poll question (I'm looking at you, La Pinetina) but we settled for something and straight to the point: