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Top 5 Derby Moments Countdown: #5 - It's Raining Flares

Number 5 takes us back to a fateful April evening in 2005...

As the Derby della Madonnina approaches, the staff at SB Nation Inter Offside has comprised our Top 5 Derby moments from the last decade. We will be revealing each moment as we countdown to Sunday, with the Number 1 spot being unveiled on Derby Eve.

Kicking things off at Number 5 is one of the most memorable matches to have ever been played not only between Inter and Milan, but in the history of European football. We’re talking about the infamous Champions League quarterfinal match from April 12, 2005.

The Background: Inter were down 3-0 to Milan on aggregate when Esteban Cambiasso scored, only for referee Markus Merk to disallow the goal for no reason. This set off the already volatile atmosphere, as the Curva Nord went crazy and made it rain flares. Milan keeper, Dida, was hit by a lit flare in the scenes before Merk eventually called the match.

The fallout? Inter forfeited the match 3-0 and lost the tie. Milan went to the Champions League Final, only to lose to Liverpool on penalties after blowing a 3-0 lead.

One of the most famous images to ever have been taken at a football match happens to be from this match:

Some homemade video of the flares raining down: