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Curva Nord CLOSED for Milan Derby

An astounding decision by Lega Calcio reverses the suspended bans and closes the Curva Nord for THIS SUNDAY.

Curva Nord
Curva Nord
Dino Panato
If you have not heard by now, Lega Calcio and the Giudice Sportivo have decided to CLOSE the Curva Nord for the Derby della Madonnina.

After initially suspending the Curva ban while undergoing appeal, the league announced earlier today that the ban will go into effect this Sunday. Inter have also been hit with a 50,000 Euro fine due to chants that stemmed from "territorial discrimination" against Napoli. The stand will be closed for the Derby and for the following home game versus Chievo.

A leader of Milan's Curva Sud, Giancarlo Capelli, has called the decision "shameful" and said that "there is no derby without the fans."

Members of the Curva Nord are in absolute shock and disgust over the decision, and many regulars who attend matches in the second, green tier are wary of what might happen outside the grounds on Sunday night.

According to sources, Inter is working with their legal department to pursue all avenues of recourse regarding the closure of the Curva Nord.

We will keep you updated as this story progresses.