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Derby della Madonnina Weekend!

Like the Nord and Sud uniting for a Curva filled Derby, SB Nation Inter and the Milan Offside join forces for a little Pre-Derby fun...

Derby fever
Derby fever
Claudio Villa
The creative forces behind the Milanese Offside sites have come together to have a little fun as we get ready for the Derby della Madonnina. Both sites answered a short questionnaire consisting of the following five questions:

1. What is your favorite Derby memory?

2. State of the Opposing Club?

3. Exciting Player to Watch this Derby?

4. Player that needs to be stopped to secure a win?

5. Predictions?

We will be revealing our answers as we get even closer to Sunday! As we share our thoughts, please feel free to answer the questions in the comments! Don't forget to stop by the Milan Offside to get some intel on our cousins!