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5 Questions, Derby Style! Milan, Part I

We start off with Avia, from Milan Offside.

The enemy
The enemy
Claudio Villa
In our first part of our series, we pass it over to our cugini. Avia from AC Milan Offside is up first to answer the five questions!

1. What is your favorite Derby memory? (Wow, that's a tough one!) The 6-0 is now folklore I guess. The more recent ones that stand out is the 3-0 in our scudetto winning season as it was pretty comprehensive and it also slapped down all those who said we were Ibra-dependent as he wasn't even playing! The one I enjoyed even more was in 2008 where Inter were in the ascendancy and we were flailing in the league, we still turned on the style to win with goals from Kaka and Inzaghi! Bellissimo!

3. Exciting Player to Watch this Derby? Mario! Mario! Mario! The guy's a beast and when he's on his game he can put the ball where he wants, I'm sure he is going to try to make up for last seasons 1-0 loss. Surely the idea of coming up against him fills all Interista with dread?!?

4. Player that needs to be stopped to secure a win? Mario! Mario! Mario! See above. On the Inter side, Handanovic is easily the Inter player I fear most, I honestly see it being between him and Mario as to who walks away with the spoils. Guarin is a guy that I think we should a footballing sense of course!

5. Predictions? This will be a tight and cagey affair. I expect to see the more open play coming from Inter with Milan trying to grind things down via De Jong & Muntari but keep a lookout for some magic from Ricky and Mario though. 0-1 to Milan!