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Top Derby Moments Countdown: #1 - 4-0 and Wesley's Debut

Inter history changes forever as the Dutchman dons the black and blue for the first time.

Wesley Wesley Sneijder Sneijder
Wesley Wesley Sneijder Sneijder
Claudio Villa
This decision was completely unanimous for us here at SB Nation Inter Offside.

The night of August 29, 2009 was nothing short of magical. Wesley Sneijder had just signed from Real Madrid and basically just stepped off the plane before suiting up for La Beneamata. He had no time to train with the team yet Jose Mourinho threw him into the thick of things by handing him the mythical number 10 shirt. In the 90 minutes that followed, Sneijder solidified his spot in the Inter starting XI as our trequartista.

The match itself was spectacular. From Thiago Motta scoring the opener, Diego Milito opening his derby goal account, Maicon being Maicon, and Dejan Stankovic scoring a stunning goal (what else is new?), the match was pretty perfect.

Celebrations went long and hard into the night, and if anything, continued on through the rest of the season as we marched our way to the historic Treble.

While other moments in our Derby countdown covered a myriad of emotions and captured more highs than lows, Number 1 was the catalyst that set the wheels in motion which topped our generation and Massimo Moratti's La Grande Inter.

Relive the enchantment of the ENTIRE 90 minutes!