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Inter Poll: What do you want from Inter Claus this Christmas?

Fresh from the Derby della Madonnina win, we here at SB Nation Inter want to know what you want for Christmas?

Inter players celebrate winning the Derby della Madonnina
Inter players celebrate winning the Derby della Madonnina
Claudio Villa

The Derby della Madonnina victory hovers above us Interisti like a beacon of black and blue shiny holiday lights as we bask in the afterglow of our win over our cross town rivals, AC Milan.

The Inter fans who voted that the Nerazzurri would win "fair and square" in the previous Inter Poll: The Derby Edition were correct although many may not have foreseen that the referees would continue the "do not award any penalties to Inter" streak despite the obvious penalty on Palacio from a clumsy Zapata challenge in the box. While the "fair and square" option was the obvious winner with 46% of the vote, coming in at a distant second with 29% of the vote was "Option A (Milan get a a penalty in the 90th minute) and B (An Inter player will get sent off), all the while Milan get the winner in controversial fashion due to said 90th minute penalty."

As Inter provided us with the ultimate gift, on the Eve of Christmas, we here at SB Nation Inter would like to ask you in our latest Inter Poll: