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Inter 0 – Bologna 1

There is no joy for Inter on Sunday evening losing at home 0-1 to Bologna. Before the game, there was a lot of optimism about closing the gap with Napoli and Lazio both of whom are also experiencing difficulty this half of the season. But it was not to be.

Claudio Villa

This game in general was a lot like the Milan game, the Catania game and the Fiorentina game. The first half was ugly, but the second half was a much better spectacle. The reason everyone is flipping out right now – and taking a look at the news aggregators they are indeed flipping out – is because Inter weren’t able to get the points that they were able to get from Catania and Milan. The team seemed to get a pass for the Fiorentina game because Fior is doing very well.

But Bolonga!? To look bad against Bologna seems to be the straw that broke the back of the media’s backbone. Well, I saw a very good Bologna beat a very good Fiorentina team not too long ago in an epic match between the two. Bologna close down hard and for a half every game they make you play fast, maybe too fast, they are hoping. When they recover the ball, they either counter or they send it to Diamanti to work the ball up the field.

It looks nice and organized, because it is. Everyone learns how to run the counter attack in Italian football, like a baby taking a bottle. It’s almost ancestral memory. After that it’s get the ball to Diamanti and he’ll make the first pass to get the attack going. It’s effective and efficient and it’s going to save Bologna from going down – again. So kudos for making a plan that works for you.

On the other hand I think that Strama is trying to make a frittata without any eggs. He is desperately trying to make the 433 work on a team without a lone striker. The ball goes to the Bologna attacking third but there are crosses to people who can’t use their head too well. There are passes into the teeth of the defense to smaller players who can’t hold their ground against bigger guys. Strama, it is said by the media jackanapes, switched his formation 3 times in the game. Okay, I only noticed 2 formation changes, myself. I, and I can’t believe I am saying this loathe as I am to English football, thought that he hit the jackpot with the last one: the 442.

Unlike when The Fussy Butler was running this team last season, we now actually have enough wide players to field a 442 that has players playing in positions that are relatively well known to them. Since we don’t have a lone striker type and we won’t have to save anyone for the Europa League anymore… why not play a 442 that gets everyone on the field that needs to be and will cause 0 “confusion” – since this team is supposedly riddled with it, as the bloodsuckers say? I think that’s the way to go from here on out, assuming Strama doesn’t want to give a battlefield promotion to one of the Primavera strikers. They suddenly have a lot less drags on their time lately too…