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Penalties for the Inter 1 – Juve 2 Game

Claudio Villa

The Sports Court Penalties are in for the team from the game last Saturday.

1. There has been a great deal of chatter on various media outlets regarding the Cambiasso foul on Giovinco.

I have written that I wasn’t thrilled with Cambiasso’s reaction because I know that it wasn’t/wouldn’t be reciprocated from the Turin team, so why bother.

No shocker that Cambiasso probably knows more than I do about the way these things are judged. He will only be missing the Samp game while paying penance for his error. Was the leniency because of his great show of contrition? Was it karma, advocating the humane treatment of enemies as espoused by our very own Drewseph while admonishing me my sadistic tendencies? Was this a statement made to quell possibly rising tensions surrounding the two clubs? Was the fact that Giovinco suffered only a bruise a factor?

I couldn’t say. I know what Inter’s record without Cambiasso in the game at all is like and I am not thrilled, although there isn’t a huge sample size. But on the other hand, I would love for someone else to step up to make Cambiasso’s soon to be 33 year old frame an unnecessary extravagance.

2. The team was fined €5,000 because Ivan Cordoba protested the second goal of Juventus to the 4th official. Cordoba was upset that Cassano was fouled to no call prior to the second goal. The event led to a turnover of the ball close to the halfway line that led to the goal. Ivan was expelled from the game.

3. The biggest item on the list was that Inter was fined €20,000 for racist chanting which is ludicrous for a team like Inter. I have been vocal in the past when other teams have been fined for this. I have made a statement in the comments section regarding the racist chanting at least once, although I can’t remember if it was for the Mario incident or the Tottenham incident.

So I am going to make sure that there is at least one article that has my opinion on this situation. I am not going to apologize for the fans. I am not going to copy and agree with the Ultra's manifesto that excuses this action. I am not going to say that this was just a way to try and get under someone's skin on the other team.

I am going to come right out and I am going to say that this is an unacceptable situation by supporters who need to educate themselves, stay away from the stadium, find a new team or remove themselves from the shallow end of the gene pool. It’s abhorrent human behavior and its even bad business. As I said, there is no excuse and this is a better team without these people associating themselves with this team. See also Drewseph's thoughts on this subject in the fanposts.

The President has come out at least once this season and said that we shouldn't have this sort of thing, but it’s a losing proposition for him criticizing the very people to whom he needs to sell tickets and merchandising. Having said that, there needs to be a stronger message. If Inter ever get their own stadium than more can be done with privately hired/trained stewards trained to look out for these things, up to date surveillance and more advanced ticket purchasing/tracking.

For me personally, it’s an embarrassment. I can’t even rationalize the act considering the origins of the players on this team that these same “people” have songs praising. It’s my fervent hope that those who have engaged in this behavior are a significant minority and will certainly be dealt with somehow now.

Hoping things will be better tomorrow.