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There is no news, just a lot of rhetoric thrown back and forth. This is just some news, notes, opinion and rumors to keep current.


*Inter complain about a penalty changing the game from 3-1 to 3-4 and a further referee conspiracy against Inter which starts a media storm against Inter. A few years ago Roma complain about a penalty changing the game from 3-1 to 3-3 and a further referee conspiracy against Inter which starts a media storm against… Inter. All this despite the fact that the penalty for Inter in the Roma game was more probably the right call, as Motta went in on Mario from behind in the area after having been beaten pretty handily.

Bottom line, the media likes to make its cake and eat it too. Roma had no evidence to give against Inter. The numbers completely discredited the claim as well. But the media was happy to roast Inter for however long it took for Mourinho to launch a counter strike with the genius Intellectual Prostitution rant which shut everyone the hell up, excepting those who didn’t understand it or the purpose it served – namely if you are going to go after us for anything, there are lots of others who are doing far worse… including those that started crying.

Moratti has statistical reasoning on his side that there is something fishy. In return the media says it’s his own fault for the state of Inter, especially the moronic Mario Sconcerti who confuses straw man arguments for the real thing. Moratti returns serve for the point: that’s not at all what I am talking about, I am talking about referees not making calls – I’ll concern myself with whatever type of season I am having, thanks.

I don't concern myself thinking if Moratti is right or wrong. He's angry about the treatment of Inter, as I am so I can't begrudge him that. Whatever he said, right or wrong, I don't see any big deal as he's basically saying what others have said about Inter in other days past - like when Genova moved the date of the game against Sampdoria, for example. If it's okay for them, it's okay for Maxie. But I wouldn't say no to a wager on how many days he'll get.

Personally, I think that Moratti is more worried about Mateo Kovacic not getting calls and being protected than anything else and that’s where Milan comes into this. When Milan picks up Mario, that’s when all the penalties started rolling in. Don’t believe me, look it up. Kovacic gets murdered from behind against Juve after slaloming the team, Kovacic gets 7 fouls against him by the same guy before he gets a caution on the 8th and Moratti sees a future he does not like. This is why we are hearing about this now, and why Moratti is concerned – it’s my opinion that he sees Mateo as the essential nerve center of this team next season and he’s priming the pump for Serie A referees to make that call. The clue as far as I am concerned is the term “investment” that’s being used alot.

*There is news of Moratti being referred for his comments. Big deal, you say? I agree. It will probably make him give more opinions, not less. Btw, how many games was Galliani banned for when he said the league was bent because Milan had to play in front of a crowd at Cagliari? None? Hmm, interesting.

*Quietly with very little fan fare from the football media – in other words, the idiots aren’t doing their jobs – Alfred Duncan is really doing an incredible job out on loan at Livorno. He’s played a lot, right from the get go. He’s got more than one MOTM already. More telling is that Inter resisted Samp to include him in the deal for Icardi.

*Speaking of Icardi, the deal is rumored to be done. Icardi to Inter for around 10-12ish million including half of Bardi, the extremely highly rated goalkeeper for the U21s.

*Speaking of the U21s, it should be noted that for the last 2 outings the entire backfield was Inter Youth players from goalkeeper, to both fullbacks, and both centerbacks.

*Bessa is completely rehabbed from his injury and has been playing sparingly in Serie B. I know he’s been off radar since his injury, but his surgery and rehab took until Feb and the news is that he’s actually played some. Personally I think that this is huge news for the guy and I have a lot of sympathy having had the same injury.

*Schelotto will be suspended for a game following the brawl in the now famous Atalanta game. At least 2 Atalanta players have received multiple days suspensions, which I think is fair considering who started it. If I am reading this right, Cigarini also is suspended. My opinion of him has gone through a lot of twists and turns, not just for this incident but in general. I don’t mind players who are physical and tough, rather I prefer them. But he seems out of action an awful lot for dumb moves like this. Maybe I am reading him wrong. But he’s not a kid anymore. Now is the time that he needs to make his step up, if it’s coming.

*Rene Khrin’s co-ownership is up at the end of this season and it cannot be renewed anymore so it’s around do or die time with him. My opinion is that he’s 22 year old midfielder with over 30 apps in Serie A. True, he has had some injury concerns, but he’s proven a competent professional in the highest league in the country at 22 in a position that this team is remodeling. And oh by the way he’s also a Slovenian national teamer. There’s something there to work with, ya know?

*Pierluigi Casiraghi, the head of youth scouts (search and selection), reports that 3 more highly rated youngsters were brought into the Inter youth teams: Senna Miangue, Paulino de la Fuente and Bakayoko. Senna is a defender. Paulino and Bakayoko are strikers. More interesting are the teams beaten out for the first two: Arsenal and Real Madrid respectively.

*Juventus left the Champions League pretty meekly bowing to an overpowering Bayern Munich. In the comments section of the last article someone wondered at the changes in Inter and Bayern since they met in the finals a lifetime ago. Rather, I think it’s important to see who is still on the team for Bayern: Schweinsteiger, Robben, Ribery (I don’t think he played in the final), Muller, Lahm were all in their prime or just entering their prime when we saw them in the finals. Schweinsteiger might be the key player who controls the tempo, acts as the pivot and more importantly just commands the middle of the field. That’s got to be the keystone to the building of Inter next season. This team must control that middle triangle to compete for anything meaningful (Champs League) next season.

*Lastly today, I would like to point out that the President of the FIGC and raging Juventus supporter Giancarlo Abete says that the goal line officials have done an exceptional job adjudging “ghost goals”. He notes that there have been "criticisms" for absolutely everything else they might be doing back there – or in my mind, more correctly, not doing back there, as in officiating the laws of the game correctly. But for the one or two issue that might pop up in a season? Great, no technology (read as; outside record of actual incident) needed. Honestly, I have to tell you, these people are only asking for it with their resistance for transparency.