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Preview: Inter v Roma Coppa Italia


It’s time for the second leg of the Coppa Italia tie in which Inter is down 2-1 to Roma.

Who: Inter v Roma

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time: 20:45 CET Local. 2:45 EST US

Place: The G. Meazza, Milano


Probable Lineup: 3421

Stekelenburg; Piris, Marquinhos, Castan; Torosidis, Bradley, Rossi, Marquinho; Florenzi, Lamela; Totti

Injured/Suspended: Pjanic, Burdisso, De Rossi

Currently Roma sit a point above Inter on the table sharing points with Lazio. I don’t have the desire or the energy to look, but I am going to guess that they are in better form right now than the sinking Inter, both in attitude and in health. Speaking of which, De Rossi is considered to be doubtful for this match by several of the betting sites around, which is why I have him listed as I do above. I don’t have the latest news on him, so there is every chance that he grits his teeth and plays as far as I am concerned. In the build up to this game earlier this week, I had read that this was going to be Destro’s chance to shine, but I don’t think I have seen a “probable lineup” with his name on it. The Roma SBNation page would have more info on this one. Anyway, near as I can figure their roster after the coaching change, it looks like the lineup above is pretty close to their regular squad.

Both teams have undergone a lot of change in the last couple of seasons. Two years ago I would have probably been able to describe the game before it started as these two teams have tussled a lot in both League and Coppa games. Right now, I will be as surprised as anyone to see how this game shakes out from Roma’s end. Having said that, I wouldn’t expect them to try and protect their lead. My guess is that they’ll gun for one more goal.


Probable Lineup: 343

Handanovic; Juan, Samuel, Ranocchia; Zanetti, Benassi, Kovacic, Jonathan; Alvarez, Rocchi, Schelotto

Injured/Suspended: Milito, Mudinagayi, Castellazzi, Obi, Nagatomo, Chivu, Stankovic, Gargano, Palacio, Cassano, Guarin, Pereira

There are those who say this is the last chance for Strama, but I don’t think so. If the team performs poorly then everyone who’s responsible is, and should be, at risk, of course. But if the team performs well, especially the younger guys, then I don’t see an issue. Moratti will decide a lot of things at the end of the season and by that time, I think he will look at more than the Coppa Italia results.

Alvarez and Juan were both questionable to play this game but I believe the last word I heard before writing this is that they are both in the lineup. How well they will play is something else entirely. It’s important to keep in the back of your mind that Roma are currently undefeated against Inter in the last 6 games, which includes 3 draws. That sort of confidence, plus shaky Inter form, plus injury/suspension list… I am just hoping for a good performance win, lose or draw. I am also hoping that the home experience can do something to provoke a positive response from the troops. Inter’s last home game produced 3 goals.

Look, a good Coppa showing won’t erase a bad season, but there is something to be said for generating some hope.

Prediction: I think Roma will come out and try to score as quickly as possible in an attempt to end the game early, given Inter’s propensity to fall apart this season. I think a draw is a likely end result unless Roma get a penalty. I think that Strama will want to make a statement today, but I doubt that he has the bullets to do that.