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Preview: Inter v Parma


T – 6 games and counting. At this point there aren’t many teams with anything to play for. Parma has nothing to play for as they are safe on one end from relegation, but have no chance to make Europe. There is some doubt whether Inter have anything to play for either, but more on that later. Since the last time I wrote one of these things, not much has changed - everyone's head is still on the block.

Who: Inter v Parma

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2013

Time: 12:30 CET Local. 06:30 EST US

Place: G. Meazza, Milano


Probable Lineup: 3511

Handanovic; Juan, Silvestre, Ranocchia; Pereira, Kovacic, Benassi, Kuzmanovic, Zanetti; Alvarez, Rocchi

Injured/Suspended: Milito, Palacio, Cassano, Mudinagayi, Castellazzi, Obi, Cambiasso, Nagatomo, Gargano, Stankovic, Guarin, Chivu, Mbaye


There are 13 players in the MASH unit and I think that 7 of them would have been major contributors which make the above question in the opening paragraph a very relevant one. Is Inter playing for something? Is the team using these games to check out talent on the roster? Are they going to use these games as commercials to boost the price of guys that they want to sell?

Technically speaking I should mention, I suppose, that as of right now, Inter is still mathematically alive for a Europa League spot. A win, dare I mention it, would leapfrog Lazio and Udinese who played today but not necessarily Roma depending on the result of their game. If you are curious, Roma would have to win their game to keep their position.

But onto the game. There should be some motivation for the home side. So that’s what I am going to be watching for. I don’t know if the flesh is weak. I don’t really have confidence that the quality is there for Inter to win this, but there should be a willing body.


Probable Lineup: 442

Mirante; Benalouane, Lucarelli, Coda: Rosi, Marchionni, Valdes, Ninis, Gobbi; Amauri, Sansone

Injured/Suspended: Santacroce, Bianbiany, Palladino, Mariga, MacEachen, Paletta


Parma is 11th in the table with 39 points and they are very safe. It only seems like I am trying to rationalize that Inter has a chance. I don’t know what Parma has to play for, but I can’t help but notice that there is a former Inter attack player that won’t be playing against us. You know the kind, the ones that never fail to score on our team. As I say, it only seems like I am trying to rationalize an Inter win.

Sansone is a good player and he is the type that causes Inter problems. Parma's defense doesn’t scare me but Donadoni is the type to flood the midfield. And we have problems with the midfield. I am not convinced that Kuzmanovic runs enough, especially for a game against a Donadoni coached team who, all things being equal, likes to use players who are made mostly of lungs to populate his midfield. I think that if Inter wins, it’ll be because they scored when presented with the opportunity, not because Parma’s midfield was outworked.

Prediction: Parma is a much worse team away than it is at home. And Inter will have to use many unproven players. I don’t see this one as a barn burner, but Inter will fade at the end. There just doesn’t seem to be much left in the tank. As I say, attitude will mean a lot to me, but how that will affect Moratti is another story. I would question how much these last half dozen, semi-meaningless games could sway a choice this important. Is this team’s destiny already determined for this summer? Or will the results of these game really matter?