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Monday News and Notes

There is a lot going on in the world of Inter so let’s just get to it, shall we?

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*Just a week or so ago I reported that there were Russian investors (Rosneft) that were pouring money into Moratti’s Saras company that would net him hundreds of millions of Euro. I also cautioned everyone that none of this money would make its way to Inter, even though the history of the current Moratti presidency was to have Saras pay for Inter. It’s been theorized by others, and I happen to agree, that Moratti is much more of the opinion that Inter aught to pay for itself, especially in light of FFP. It’s also been theorized by others, and I happen to agree here as well, that Moratti is trying to turn the same trick with Inter’s stadium – and in fact he had tried that trick last summer.

The rumor has been that this summer will give further illumination. And if rumor - THIS IS RUMOR – has anything to say about it, it has already begun. The much maligned GM Marco Fassone has lined up 3, count them 3 – according to rumor – possible investors for the club.

I would take this situation much more seriously than I would last summer’s flirtation with investors/waste of time. Last summer I was hesitant to write anything yea or nay about the whole thing because the people involved on the Chinese end didn’t seem trustworthy considering the history of the one fellow who tried to “invest” in several English teams. This time around Moratti and Co. hired someone to handle the seeking. Second of all, there seems to be more firmness around this round of rumor than there was last summer but I think that plan remains the same – shares of the team in exchange for capital to build a stadium. I repeat, I expect any money collected for shares of the team to be used for a stadium build – not for transfers, which I would say is the smart way to move forward. You want investors to see the team move towards black ink in the ledgers so that the added income a stadium and surrounding real estate (business offices, restaurants, shops) brings the promise of dividends. As I said before, this team won’t survive without a stadium. It will survive a few bad seasons as the team retools to a brand new paradigm.

*I am thinking that behind the scenes this team has completely changed it’s corporate structure this season and maybe a lot of the front office snafus and transfer confusion might be because people are still trying to assert the personal dominance/politics that is all too common in the corporate world. Kind of like a football Lord of the Flies. Put that on TV and I would totally watch that.

*I was speaking of stadiums earlier and apparently the aforementioned and much maligned Marco Fassone gave an interview recently about that very topic. The highlights of the interview go like this: Planning stage of a new stadium (picking a location, picking a construction company, finding financing) to end before the New Year in 2013 but no late than 2014 if it all hits the fan. Given the slowness and bureaucracy of Italy he projects it to be ready – remember they don’t have a location or anything yet - by 2018.

I am thrilled to hear a high level source say this, but I am tempering my expectations. There is absolutely nothing done yet, nothing final has been decided but there is strong indication that there will be movement – one way or the other – soon.

*There could be friction soon between Mateo Kovacic and Inter regarding the U21 tournament in Europe. He wants to be with the Croatian National team as they train. The team is very apprehensive. More on this as it progresses.

*Supposedly Moratti confirms Strama for the next season. I will wait until the summer to believe it. There have been changes before and after coaches have had better seasons – and here I am thinking of Mancini. But there was a difference with him, as he basically said he quit and then pulled a Costanza. I was happy to see him go and never return after that mess.

*Correct me if I am wrong but that was Garritano’s Serie A debut for Inter, yes? I know he made the field for some Europa league stuff, but I am not sure about Serie A. By the way, the kid looked like he could run, if nothing else. How soon until Serie B teams start to hound the front office for him.

For those who don’t know him, he’s a lot like Crisetig in that he always seemed to participate with the team above his age group. For example, he just turned 19 this Feb, but he’s making appearances with the Primavera last season, when he was 17 and 18. If I am not very much mistaken Gasperini even had a look at him last year during the summer friendlies.

So the kid has promise and it’s likely that he’s going to leave soon to get a higher level of experience.

*For those who don’t follow me on twitter, and there isn’t any reason you should… #bringbackalfredduncan. Someday I hope that we’ll have some combination of Khrin, Obi, Duncan, Guarin and Crisetig next to Kovacic. This makes me happy.

*I don’t know what to think of Kuzmanovic yet. I think that he had a reputation of recently getting out of shape in Germany and his playing time suffered for that, but when he first went out there it looks like he was the first choice for the midfield. If he can be prodded back into shape and coerced to run a little more, I think he’ll make a nice partner on one side for Kovacic. Kuz can pass, there is no doubt about it. But can he do anything else that will be asked of him? Will he fight?

*Interesting tidbit about Pereira. Everyone was upset about his transfer fee when he came over. But it looks like most of the bonus that was settled for that transaction won’t be activated. He’ll end up costing €11 million flat. I have no problem with that. He certainly isn’t the worst player on the team and he’s been able to line up when asked to, plus I think that he’s settled in lately.

*Lastly, I just can’t say enough about Kovacic. Inter were ridiculed for buying him. Consider this, how much better would Liverpool be right now if they had brought in Kovacic’s presence and possession in the middle instead of Coutinho’s movement on the outside? I don’t think the future looks so rosy if we have Coutinho still on the team and still no midfield presence/hope. This team needed spine. Just my 2 cents.