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Youth Update


It’s about that time when we might be seeing more youngsters training with the first team, or when they might start going out on loans. At Inter there is going to be a need to, not necessarily keep track of these youngsters but to definitely have their names in the back of your mind so that in a summer friendly we can at least remember that these people are part of the team. Remember that not all this kids will pan out, but these are the ones that I think the club is pretty high on. I am not going to bring up guys like Bessa. Longo and Mbaye – we have already seen that the club rates those guys.

Rodrigo Alborno: Left sided player whose time in the youth program is running out. He came to Inter from Paraguay as a left winger and has, over time, added left fullback to his portfolio so that theoretically he can play any spot up or down the left side. He was a spot player last season and if I am not mistaken he got more time this season. I think that there is a good chance that he gets loaned out this summer.

Andrea Bandini: Full back for the Primavera who has already made his first team debut. Bandini has a spot on the first team webpage of the official roster, but there is nothing written there. I think that he either has another year in harness or he goes out on loan this summer.

Isaac Donkor: A 17 year old Ghanaian right footed defender who is highly regarded. He plays with the Primavera and is likely to stay there. He’s listed as a fullback but I think that I have heard him playing in the center, as well. My suspicion is that if he’s that young and making the Primavera team they think highly enough of him to try and switch him to the middle to be more effective ala Juan.

Marco Ferrara: An 18 year old left fullback that is in his first full year with the Primavera. He’s already practicing with the first team, but I think that his destiny next year is going to be with the Primavera.

Melkamu Taufer: Young, ridiculously young, but tall, attacking-ish midfield player from Ethiopia. He’s playing with Inter’s Giovanissimi Nazionale that is coached by Cauet - for those who have followed Inter long enough to remember that name. At this time his strengths are dribbling and his speed. He’s known to score some. The scouting reports say that he supports the forwards but I wouldn’t be surprised if the organization start to move him back in the formation – I won’t say why because the comparison that he’s drawing at this point in his career is obscene.

Patrick Olsen: 18 year old Danish center midfielder that everyone and their mother was high on at the 2011 U17 tournament. He’s played at every level of Danish International team from U16 to his current team, the U20s. The team doesn’t have to decide on a path for him yet, which probably means that they won’t. Word on the street is that he’s an incredible passer, not so much active runner.

Gennaro Acampora: I admit I don’t know much about this kid. He kinda came out of nowhere and I think he’s now a center midfielder. He came out of the Napoli youth program but he signed with Inter on a free. So why is he worth mentioning here? Well, his name has shown up on the Primavera score sheets. His time is running out in the youth setup and there is some noise that he’s on the way out – I hear Spezia in Serie B – but is it on loan?

Pasa: Simone Pasa had been a CB in the youth level I think. I think I have seen his name in the line up as both, although I think that the first team goal is to turn him into a DM. He has been a part of the Italy national youth teams from U16 to U19 where he is currently plying his trade. I don’t know what his future holds, but conservatively I would think he gets loaned out this summer.

Lorenzo Tassi: The current Primavera midfielders are something special. Tassi is an underage talent for the Primavera where he had been playing lately, although I heard that he is now injured for the rest of the season. I know that as of right now, the team has high hopes for him. He’s been played at forward and AM, but I think that Inter are playing him at CM as a regista. Expect him back with the Primavera next season.

Andrea Palazzi: This guy has just been recently advanced to the Primavera, but he was already underage where he was. This would be a big honking sign that the organization is really high on this kid.

Alesandro Cannataro: Young CM that the club has promoted above his age group to the Primavera this season as they deal with their own injuries and fill out the senior squad as well. There is the sense that he is expected to do well.

Niccolo Belloni: He’s listed everywhere as a midfielder, except the official Inter academy page. If he’s a forward then he’s a technical one, not a lone striker type – that is, if indeed he can play as a midfielder also. We should know by now that Inter will put in youth players at every position except forward unless their feet are to the fire – and this kid has seen action against Roma in the semi-final of the Coppa Italia. There is something that Inter like, I’m guessing.

Romney: Underage Primavera player who has recently gotten a call up to deal with the seniors taking all of their forwards. At his age group he’s been something of a revelation, although at that age – he’s like 16, I think – its hard to tell what is talent and what is a growth spurt.

Terrani: Forward who can also play out wide. I don’t know how much faith the leadership has in his talent, but there is something there. He suffers from the fact that the Primavera lack a true striker type but have a lot of technical guys who can play wide and he got a little lost in the shuffle, perhaps.

Bocar: Midfielder of the attacking flavor whose time in the Primavera is about run out-ish. There is every chance that he goes out on loan to somewhere, there is some regard to his talent, but I don’t think that Inter know what they have in him yet. Which isn’t a great advert for his character.

Luca Garritano: I have spoken about him before, like yesterday. I don’t have anything to add other than this: he’s a forward who can play the right wing and he’s incredibly highly thought of by this team that will certainly be playing with 3 forwards next season. If he goes out next season, I'll be surprised.

Federico Bonazzoli: Another very, very young player – he’s 15ish – that Inter have incredibly high hopes for. He’s a real penalty area, left footed honest to god striker, who is also strong with the head and has scored a ridiculous amount of goals for his youth teams. He is playing a year ahead of his age, probably to fast track his growth as every team older than the one he’s playing on needs a player like him. But to bring the fanboy back to reality, he has a long, long way to go yet.