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Preview: Sampdoria v Inter


T – 9 games and counting. That’s how many games are left before what could be a massive reconstruction occurs at the club. Who stays and who goes at all levels could be directly related to how things play out in this last month and a half.

Who: Sampdoria v Inter

Date: Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Time: 18:30 CET Local / 12:30 EST US

Place: The Luigi Ferraris, Genoa


Probable Lineup: 352

Romero; Gastadello*, Palombo*, Mustafi; Estigarribia, Obiang*, Krsticic*, Poli, Silvestri; Sansone, Icardi

*Higher rating players marked with asterisks.

Leading Scorer: Icardi - 9

Assists: Obiang - 5

Injured/Suspended: Paulsen, Costa, Eder


Samp is currently residing 12th on the table and their form for the last 5 games is telling: DWWLD with the draws and loss coming away from home. Further analysis shows that 23 of their 36 points were made at home and their goal differential is +9, opposed to – 7 away. They are playing well, especially at home to the tune of 4-0-0 in the last 4 games. Sampdoria has managed to keep a clean sheet in 6 of their last 8, 4 of which were home games.


Probable Lineup: 3412 Handanovic; Juan*, Samuel*, Ranocchia*; Pereira, Kovacic, Gargano, Zanetti; Guarin; Cassano*, Palacio*

Leading Scorer: Palacio – 10, Milito – 9, Cassano - 7

Assists: Cassano – 9, Cambiasso – 5, Palacio – 4

Injured/Suspended: Milito, Mudinagayi, Castellazzi, Obi, Cambiasso


Inter is currently residing 7th on the table and it’s time to do or die. A win leapfrogs Roma to bring Inter even with Lazio in 5th. It’s worth noting that everyone, including me, thinks that Strama will try to match Samp’s formation with his own 3 man defense. Inter will have to deal with two opposing forces this game. On one hand Inter are undefeated in 19 of their last 21 games against Samp, and as I said earlier, Samp is on a hootin-nanny of a home streak. What will be interesting is how Strama will react to his predicament. Will he hunker down and play defense to preserve his job or will he attack to grab it out of the hands of doubters? Either way, if Inter want to win this, they will likely have to score some goals. Samp won’t go gently in to that good night and Inter will likely leak some goals away.

Prediction: Inter will attack more strongly through the left. Inter will have problems defending on the wings. Samp will have their chances. If Inter scores, it will more likely come from a counter attack. Inter should try to press in Samp’s half. Samp will try to isolate Icardi on one of the outside defenders if Inter play a back 3 or squeeze him through the space of the center backs and fullbacks if Inter play a back 4.

Anyway you look at this; this is an important game for Inter players and coach. They are literally playing for their jobs.