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News and Notes May 15th


There is just nothing happening out there that isn’t pure conjecture at this point. Everyone is in such a rush to be the first media outlet to get a story, any story, correct first. I have collected some of those plus other tidbits for your entertainment/edification.

-- For the second year in a row there is a Ranocchia to Juventus rumor. For the record, the 25 year old has a contract with Inter until 2015 and makes around €1.5 mil per year – in other words, Inter would have to be the most moronic team in the history of Serie A to sell him – young man still coming into his prime, paying him peanuts and all the sweat equity put into him. Mind you, I am not saying they won’t, but to even put that out there in the wind is a little crazy. The source is Tuttosport, so crazy is par for the course. Mind you, the way things are – wink wink - there is every reason to doubt that this originated with the “newspaper”.

-- There continue to be stories regarding the future of the coach. The Mazzarri rumor won’t die and there is a sliver of a chance that this is coming from inside the club. The persistence of the rumor is just too weird. Crazy conspiracy thought: someone is trying to get Mazzarri to delay signing with Napoli with the promise of Inter – and that lack of a signature is supposed to be a constant temptation for Morratti. I don’t think it’s true, but it seems to fit the facts and its fun to speculate.on a blog.

-- Just my opinion, but I think Cassano will be wearing Blue and Black next season.

-- Sky Sports have reported - with a giant wink – that Zenga will leave his team, Al Nasr, this summer. My 2 cents is that we aren’t that desperate to hire Zenga. I loved… No, I idolized Zenga as a goalkeeper. But I would rather peel out my eyeball with a melon baller before hiring him as a coach.

-- The Italy U17s have won the semi-finals of the UEFA U17 Championship against Slovakia 0-2. They play the winner of RussiaSweden for the finals. I bring this up because there are 5 Inter players playing on this team. Not just on the team, but playing on the field. The hits just keep on coming for this youth project that they have going here. There is just such a pool of talent that this team can draw from starting at the just graduated Primavera, to the current Primavera to the next wave of kids just coming up… if they could only just find that magic formula that can incorporate those young players into the first team.

-- Benitez continues to flap his lips about Inter when he should be hoping everyone just forgets the incident. “I told them I needed to renew the club…” he says, stupidly still deluded into thinking that anyone was going to go where he lead them. We all know the team needed to be renewed, jackass! Even I knew that the team needed to be renewed! The trick is to renew the club and yet still get the players on the roster to play for you not in spite of you! Why is this guy such an ass!

-- There are more reported player signings for Inter than would fill 3 teams. I will continue to meet everyone with profound skepticism until I see that person holding a shirt next to a smiling Director. That goes double for player sales as well – and I am looking at you Handanovic and Guarin.

-- There is a rumor that Stanklovic will be hanging on next season as a locker room influence. Does he get paid to do that? Between him, Chivu and Samuel I am so ready to bid them a fond farewell and thanks. This lingering around doesn’t do anyone any service. I want to remember these guys fondly, not with irritation. This pathological fear of young guys getting on the first team is really grating especially considering how talented some of these guys might be.