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Call Ups and Strama Presser For Udinese


Andrea Stramaccioni has named a squad of 21 for tomorrow's game against Udinese at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, at 20:45.

Goalkeepers: 1 Handanovic, 27 Belec, 30 Carrizo;

Defenders:28 Pasa, 31 Pereira, 40 Juan Jesus, 55 Nagatomo, 62 Ferrara, 63 Spendlhofer;

Midfielders:7 Schelotto, 10 Kovacic, 11 Alvarez, 14 Guarin, 17 Kuzmanovic, 19 Cambiasso, 24 Benassi, 61 Garritano, 90 Olsen;

Forwards: 8 Palacio, 18 Rocchi, 45 Forte.


"My future? I guess you don't like what I tell you because both myself and Moratti have been clear on the matter. But I'll let him do the talking"

The day before Inter take on Udinese in what will be their last match of the season, Andrea Stramaccioni gave his view of tomorrow's opponents Udinese in a press conference: "We'll be playing a team that in terms of results has been more consistent than anyone in the run-in. I think Di Natale has recovered too, and he and Muriel are a real danger up front. We're going to be facing a very motivated side but the lads have trained well and we want to give our fans a proper send-off."

The coach was asked for an update on the fitness of individual players. "Palacio is looking good. He's worked very well this week and will be in the squad, though I don't think he'll start the game. As for the players who have been playing through gritted teeth recently, my plan is not to put them at risk. I mean Ranocchia, who's hobbled through the last three games, Chivu and Cassano, who's had a successful operation."

The next topic brought up was the expected managerial merry-go-round this summer, with Stramaccioni asked if he was surprised to hear the recent rumours about Walter Mazzarri: "I have to smile because I guess you don't like what I tell you. Both myself and the president have been very clear on the matter on a number of occasions. And I don't want to be the one to upset this little game: Mazzarri is going to speak after tomorrow's match, Allegri after the match, why should I speak now? I'll let my president do the talking anyway. Tomorrow I'll be the Inter coach and I'm sure that anything interesting which should emerge after the game will come from the president's mouth. As he's already said, it's only right that anything should come from him." A journalist then pointed out that in the past coaches have had their position confirmed in May only to then be sacked in June. To which Stramaccioni replied: "And how many who have been confirmed in May have lost their job in the same month? I could be the first coach to have his position confirmed and then revoked in the space of four days..."

How would Stramaccioni feel if he should one day leave Inter? "When that happens, if it happens, though it's quite normal when you're a coach, all I'll have to say to my president is thanks. Would I feel as if I've been messed around with if it were to happen now? No, of course not. If it did happen now, my only regret would be that I haven't been able to give him what he deserves. You get bad years. Everyone takes a fall every now and then. What matters is how you pick yourself up and we're ready to pick ourselves up next season."

"FANS WANT ACTIONS NOT WORDS that's what we're going to give them next season. In the meantime we're concentrating on ending the year well at the San Siro"

"Action and not words. That goes for me just as it does for everyone. The fans want to see results." That's Andrea Stramaccioni's target for next season, as he explained when asked during today's press conference to provide a motto for the Nerazzurri's next campaign.

He continued: "For now though, we're concentrating on ending the year well at the San Siro. We'll have to be on our toes at the back, with no Ranocchia, Chivu, Samuel or Silvestre. Andrea and Juan have shown how good they are. I'll remind you that at the start of the year Juan was seen as a promising player: he's only 21 and has got immense growth potential. I consider Andrea to be one of the certainties of this team. However, I would never look at the defence as separate from all the rest. Tomorrow we have objective selection problems at the back and at least one Primavera lad will have to start.

Is Catania's result important? We've spent a lot of time looking at others' results this year. If we get a good result then we'll look to see what Catania have done, but in any case we'll give it our all."

The transfer market was next up and the coach was asked if Inter need to sign some full-backs and wingers. "I don't think we need wide players in defensive areas, but in attack we do, yes. But I don't think there are many around in Italy.

"Could some players leave, like Guarin? I hope Inter keep hold of their best players. Fredy is important for us and I rate him, he'll stay here.

"Paulinho? He's international class. He likes to be the one who gets forward when he plays in a central midfield partnership, he's young, talented and has plenty of room for improvement.

"Markovic? A very interesting youngster and we helped to make his name known [smiling]. He's one of a group of emerging 19-year-olds that includes Kovacic. We're interested in players like him but we'll have to see.

"Florenzi? I player I'm very fond of as I coached him in Roma's youth academy. There was a time when he was almost released. But he's Roman and a Romanista so I hope he can spend many years at Roma and become the next Totti, the next De Rossi.
"Generally speaking, I think the summer transfer window will be very different this year. Things were rather static last year with most clubs keeping the same coach, whereas this time around I think a number of top clubs will change coach, and of course each coach likes to adjust a team to his liking. Inter have already built a good base and now we need to add something important – not in terms of numbers but in fulfilling precise requirements."

A Japanese reporter then brought a smile to Stramaccioni's face when he asked how Yuto Nagatomo can play with a 'broken knee'. The coach replied: "Despite being a Christian and a Catholic, I don't believe miracles happen in football so I don't think his knee is 'broken' [smiling], though he did have an injury. With the right treatment and the help of doctors Yuto was able to return to the pitch. We took it easy with him for the first two days this week because he hadn't played for a while but then he started training with the rest of the team again. He'll play tomorrow and then, touch wood, he'll be available for Japan."