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Mazzarri “Changes”: Here are Many Many Rumors

Assuming that the rumors are correct and Mazzarri is the new Inter coach, there are further rumors circulating how he’ll change things at the club. Don’t get too excited, Branca doesn’t seem to be one of them. Yeah, I know.

Giuseppe Bellini

-- The rumor that most supporters will want to know about is the formation and personnel that Mazza will be using. GDS suggests a 352: Handanovic; Campagnaro, Ranocchia, Juan; Nagatomo, Guarin, [Fernando], Kovacic, [Zuniga]; Palacio, Icardi. I think that La Gazzetta has a lot of balls to include 2 players who aren’t even on the team yet. Having said that, Zuniga torches us everytime we play against him, I wouldn’t mind having him work for us instead of against us. Also given his likely price and contract situation, it’s a faintly possible transfer so I won’t criticize it too much. The Fernando thing, either one because I think there are two players who use that moniker, is pure fantamercato and his inclusion means that the “reporter” in question should be beaten heavily without mercy about the head and shoulders with a large heavy object until he promises not to be such a mammoth kumquat.

-- Another large rumor is that Mazzarri, assuming he’s the chosen one, will bring the majority of the staff he used at Napoli. I have no problem with this. Given the preparation that was offered to Inter players this season, I can’t see anyone of good conscience and pure heart arguing with this turn of events. I give this “news” a resounding shrug of shoulders and a scream of “Big whup…”

-- The contract length that has been bandied about by the Mazzarri insiders has been contested by GDS. It was initially reported to be a 3 year deal, but now it’s suggested that it’s a 2 year deal. So it’s one of the other. Two years is a minimum kind of thing you give a coach to tell players that the guy isn’t a lame duck, but that there is some hedging of the bet. It’s the kind of thing that makes me crazy. Make an informed decision and jump in with both feet or go a different route that you do believe in! The supporters (and players) are looking for strong leadership from the Front Office.

-- On that note, it seems like Mazzarri is the choice of Fassone and Moratti Jr. Moratti Sr. would prefer to stick with Strama, in his heart of hearts according to rumor, who has his pick all along – which probably explains why he was willing to let him close out the year. My vote has always been for Moratti to pick who he believes in so that guy can get the backing that he deserves. If Mazzarri isn’t Moratti’s choice I hate to think what will happen at the first sign of trouble – and there will be trouble. Mourinho had stretches of trouble. Massarri will have hard times at some point and his personality is famously grating.

-- Initial reaction that I am reading suggests that Branca will remain in place. I don’t know how reliable those sources are, but I would think that if there were changes in that department then it would have happened at the same time that Strama gets it and that isn’t even a whisper on the wind. I can’t imagine what Moratti is waiting for in this regard. The time to start anew here is upon us.

More updates on the coaching and front office front as they happen… or you know, soon after they happen. Hopefully the same day they happen. Is that too big a peek behind the curtain?