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Thohir, Mazzarri, Moratti and Inter

News and Notes for the Last Week of May

Claudio Villa

-- The news is all about Thohir. A couple of things that have caught my eye: His turnover is reported to be in the 9 billion range. I don’t know if that’s Euros, Pounds or dollars, but as long as it’s one of those currencies I don’t really care. I hope it’s not Rupiah (am I correct that this is Indonesian money/spelled correctly?). So he’s plenty rich enough personally, for me.

Then we come to the rumored offer to Moratti – 55% or 80% depending on who you believe, of the shares. I have only heard money amounts for those that subscribe to the 80% rumor – that much for €260 million. Which I think is probably right about where the money should be for this team. There is talk of €100 million for recapitalization. I am not a financier so I don’t know if that €100 million is part of the purchase price or if it’s in addition to. And of course, as with any takeover, there will be a reorg. Ironically, I believe that the coach is safe, in this instance. Branca might be safe as well… for this year at least.

Yesterday there was talk of a gradual overtaking of ownership. I have no idea if that is still an option or not.

Further there was talk of Inter as Udinese, in that youth prospects get sent to the US for some competitive playing time – I am being told all the time that the MLS is getting better and better. Again, I have no way of knowing the future but I am starting to plan on watching some DC United games depending on how things go here. I am told that currently they are very poor, so maybe our youth players could help them and then help us?

-- Continuing on to the other big news of the day, Moratti and Mazzarri summit. Both gentlemen reportedly came away impressed with each other and everyone is currently happy with moving forward with their hire/employment.

-- Further rumor circulating from that meeting is that Mazzarri is expecting to play next season with a much smaller squad than is currently on the roster. How much smaller you may ask? The current numbers put the squad at about 30 players. Mazzarri would like to see about 20 minimum to a maximum of 25: 11 on the field, 5 or 6 more as major contributors who could start any given day and the rest as emergency reserve. Considering that there are already 5 incoming players from early bird deals plus one or two more as gifts to the new coach, then we are probably talking about 10 departures in one form or another.

-- Speaking of departures, there are heavy rumors from newspapers and other sources that Deki has kicked his last ball with Inter.

-- Speaking of arrivals, a gift to the coach could be in the form of a center midfield and a winger. Zuniga is the name that won’t die. For the midfield there could be Nainggolan, who won’t be cheap or Behrami, who might be tough to get because De La won’t want to have his team gutted for next season. Fernando of Porto and the expiring contract in 2014, perhaps?

-- I keep hearing that Ranocchia is in everyone’s view finder from Manchester to Torino. People, the same logic that has Handanovic staying applies here. This is such a nonstory.

-- Hey I just heard that Duncan cat is pretty good. Boy, I wish I got on that bandwagon a year ago when Strama was just taking over the team and there was an opportunity to suggest that he would be worth playing this last season (link). But now I wonder if it wouldn’t be worth while to leave him at Livorno for another year so that he can gradually dip his feet into the pool of water that is Serie A instead of dropping him into the deep end of campMazzarri. I worry about him not getting time to play for a coach who is notoriously not youth friendly. And he needs to prove himself to Mazzarri first, perhaps to convince him that the young man is useful and not a burden.

-- Mazzarri’s presentation to the press will go down on June 6. Apparently there was some consternation about getting all his staff hired, but that’s been ironed out somehow. I am sure that we will read all about how that works. As of now, I believe that Cordoba and Baresi still have jobs.

More when I get chance