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Inter Take Eto’o! Inter Take Modric! Inter Take Fabregas! WOWIE!


If you believe this, than I have beachfront property in Arizona for sale. There are three things unsurprising about these headlines:

  1. The English Serie A coverage showed their intelligence and ate this up like beans for (ugh) breakfast.
  2. There will be unbelievable amounts of comments regarding so false a series of claims that the only act of stupidity I can think of on the same scale was when The Guardian declared that Inter were going to pay 40 million for Gareth Bale, because they hyped another big sale earlier than they were allowed to.
  3. The way the Italian media is allowed to have their cake and eat it too. They do their best to report the worst about the team and then use the resulting shock that they are unethically fabricating to continue the lying. Is there no such thing as libel in Italy? In the USA it would be easy: 1. prove false, 2. prove harmful and 3. prove inadequate research. One could argue all 3 in a case like this.

There is something that caught me by surprise about these fantastic claims– I don’t think that any of these came from that organization in Torino.

I know, weird.