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Inter Trades Cassano for Half of Ishak Belfodil?

Claudio Villa

Sky Sports is reporting that Inter has come to the agreement with Parma for half of 21 year old Algerian striker Ishak Belfodil. The deal will cost €10 million plus the loans of Silvestre and Cassano. Silvestre has agreed to the transaction, but Cassano hasn’t agreed yet, according to reports. Essentially this is a loan-to-own for Cassano this is would be the last year of his contract and there is no way that Inter would renew. Not because of production where Cassano achieved expectations, but certainly because of salary, age and shenanigans. Apparently the deal hinges on Cassano agreeing to a 3 year deal.

Parma has stated over and over this summer that Belfodil would cost nearly €20 million for anyone to transfer this window. There were some early rumors of the striker to other clubs but Inter’s interest was there early. The biggest draw for Inter in this transaction was probably being able to ship both Cassano’s and Silvestre’s salary – which reportedly means in the neighborhood of 8 million.

For those who are curious: the young player appeared in 33 games for Parma this season, 11 times as a substitute. He scored 8 goals and had 5 assists. In contrast, Cassano played 28 matches 5 times as a substitute and he scored 7 goals with 9 assist. Tactically this wouldn’t be a like for like switch, Ishak would be more, as far as I am concerned, a player to team with Milito or Icardi – not a lone striker.

This is not yet a done deal, so stay tuned.