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Rumors and Op-ed

Marco Luzzani

I have from time to time posted what could be possible new uniform leaks. This week the "leak" comes from HERE. Some people get really excited about this but I don’t. I just ask that the uniforms remain blue and black vertical stripes. I still wake up sweating and crying over those dumb horizontal rugby shirts.

Juan Jesus is playing Rocky at Internacional in Brazil. Juan has been using his vacation time to train at his old club. I love this. This kid knows that Mazzarri doesn’t like to play young guys, so his attitude is that Mazzarri will have to agonize over this decision. What a great kid.

I keep reading that Inter’s market is frozen until they sell someone big. But I thought that Inter has already signed 5 guys. The two defenders are very solid, according to reputation. And the two forwards are supposedly big prospects that had big name teams monitoring them. Does that sound frozen to you? There have already been two sales and there are close to two more… removals from the rolls. Still frozen, huh? There will be at least two more sales, I think. I can’t see Inter selling any one big unless the money is absurd and here’s the reason – the goal is the 30 million at Champions League next season. If you sell some one for 20 million but make your team worse for that absence… then you are losing that chance for 10 million. Its’ simple math, dude.

Cesar to Roma? Well, he probably still deserves a better team than that English team he went to last season. Look, I am not his agent or advisor or anything… and I have no idea how much he made last season, but after all that predictable chaos I just would have taken the decrease in pay and backup role for a year. Toldo did it for him; it was his turn to do it for someone else. I love the guy but he needs to face reality. He made too much and he wasn’t great 2 years ago.

There are three conditions for Deki and Chivu to leave – golden handshake, rescinded contract and transfer out. Deki won’t be transferred out because he has no value. That’s not a dig, that’s just the facts. Chivu probably has some value for a season or two. Also, Chivu is probably most likely to cause a stink if he can’t find some place else to play. His agent already had a melt down in front of the microphones and I think he still thinks that he’s a top level defender. He isn’t.

Rumor is that Mazzarri has made up his mind on who will man the wings. He wants 4 players – 2 for each position. He wants Jonathan and Naga for the right and Pereira plus a transfer for the left. Assuming this rumor is correct, and there is no reason to think it is, but this leaves Schelotto out in the cold. If Schelotto does get sold, he’s probably worth less than the €6 million-ish that he cost us. If he leaves, I will be on record as saying that he will bring in no more than €5 million.