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Bardi and Benassi Rumored To Go On Loan

Claudio Villa

Rumor is coming out of Inter that later this week, or early next week Bardi - the prize youth goalkeeper - and Benassi - the midfielder that showed a lot of promise this last season - could be going out on loan to Livorno, the newly promoted side into Serie A.

For Bardi this will be something of a homecoming, since it wasn't too long ago that Inter first loaned the youngster from Livorno, then bought half his rights with halves of other players going the other way (Dell'Angello and Siligardi). After winning the Torneo di Viareggio he was loaned back to Livorno in the 2011-2012 season - who were playing in Serie B and he was first choice at 20 years old - and Inter finally purchased the other half last summer. Last season was spent in Novara where he played 33 games as their first choice. Now at 21 years old he's going back to Livorno. Whew. I am exhausted just by explaining all that. And I wonder why Italian Youth players take a long time to blossom...

Marco Benassi came to Inter through a loan deal with Modena in the same month and year - January 2011 - that Bardi was brought in. Benassi was co-owned by the two teams for a season and as far as I can figure, Inter bought his rights fully that summer of 2011. Benassi would go on to win the Primavera league and the NextGen Series with Inter. The 18 year old midfielder already has 8 apps with the senior team. Personally, I consider him quite a prospect, for whatever my opinion is worth.

I am just happy to hear a rumor that doesn't include these two being sold.