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Primavera League to get Makeover

Valerio Pennicino

Some would call this a step in the right direction, and some would call this too little. Whatever your view, it's inarguable that the Primavera League is going to look a lot different next season.

The governing body of Serie A has decided that for the next season, per the request of several teams including Inter, the Primavera season be Serie A youth vs Serie A youth. Serie B youngsters will be excluded from taking part. According to La Gazzetta the format will be 10 teams in 2 groups. I didn't read how a champion will be determined, I assume it'll be a season of games, a playoff and the last two teams standing - one from each group - play in a final.

The reason for the change is obvious, Serie A teams want youngsters who are better prepared. There is going to be more benefit for Inter youth to play against Milan youth than Brescia youth. Also, it puts the onus on the top teams to be continually bringing in players BEFORE Primavera level so that those players who are prospects can get the benefit of top competition.

It's not Inter B in Serie B, yet... but it's closer.