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More Actual Internazionale News Confirmed

Not Earth shaking news, but at least these are real news items.

Giuseppe Bellini

Inter and Cesena have renewed their co-ownerships for 4 Inter players:

Luca Garritano (born 1994) is a forward that had garnered a lot of compliments for his brief appearances last seasons. He received praised for his willingness to defend even when placed on the field as a forward and for being “…a real pest” for defenders to deal with. With Mazzarri officially the coach of Inter, there is speculation that he’ll lea on loan.

Luca Caldirola (born 1991) is currently on the Italian U21 team that beat England yesterday in Isreal at the Euro U21 Championship. Luca has been a mainstay on Italian National teams and is the current captain. The All-Inter defense garnered a lot of praise from the Italian press over their performance recently. Luca has been out on loan since 2010 with a brief stay at Inter during the reign of Gasparini.

Riccardo Melgrati (Born 1994) A young goalkeeper who is currently attached to Cesena’s side of the co-ownership deal. I know almost nothing about him.

Thomas Pedrabisi (Born 1995) Thomas was attached to several Italian youth national teams. He’s currently a forward for Zanetti’s Beretti team that lost the finals of the Scudetto playoff to Atalanta (3-1 agg). I don’t know a whole lot about him, but I think he’s considered more of a wide forward or a second forward. He had 3 goals this last season.

There we go. Not sexy, but actual news for the club 100% real.