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Inter Channel Interview with Mbaye

Valerio Pennicino

Mbaye is one of the youngsters that I have a hard time understanding what the team wants to accomplish with him. On the Primavera he was a fullback on the left mostly, but there were times that he filled in as a center back too. He has exhibited an explosive temper at times that convinces you he’s too immature, but at other times he has shown such skill that you are also convinced that he can make the jump.

Personally, I think that going forward the team wants him to play more center back than winger. Does this mean that the team knows what they have? I know that his agent brags about getting all kinds of offers, but that to date, Inter has rejected every one – including loans. Prospect or loose cannon, I don’t know what he is yet, but when there is an opportunity to hear about him or from him, I usually pay attention, and that’s no different with this interview from Inter Channel. It doesn’t really say a lot, but it’s a chance to hear from one of the most, at least to me, enigmatic youngster on the roster. The link to the interview is here, btw.

He got promoted to the first team last season but then his campaign was cut short by a shoulder injury. Now Ibrahima Mbaye can't wait to get going again, this time under Walter Mazzarri. And that's exactly what he told Inter Channel this afternoon.

Ibrahima Mbaye, a new season is starting. How determined are you to get involved with the first team again?
"Mega determined! Unfortunately last year didn't end too well but this year I'm raring to go and hopefully I'll be able to do well."

How are you finding these first days of intensive training?
"It's pretty strenuous stuff but we're doing our best to stick it out."

Did you manage to relax a bit during the break?
"Yes, I went home to Senegal. It was brilliant. I hadn't been back there for four years - that's not going to happen again, I want to go home more often. The kids in Senegal see me as a role model and that inspires me to work even harder and even better."

What's your impression of Walter Mazzarri? He's very attentive, especially with you youngsters.
"He works hard and is scrupulous about everything. I'm enjoying it. I'm learning a lot and running a lot!"