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Shirt Number Changes for 2013-2014


Planning on buying a jersey? I would hold off on that for a while. There seems to be some number dose do going on at the club yesterday. This is from

"Because 3 plus 3 is 6 and I wore 3, the number that belonged to Giacinto here and one that will rightly remain his alone. Because my father, who is a die-hard Interista, remembers the 6 worn by Armando Picchi, and because 6 was my mother’s number when she played basketball." Statements to the press from Marco Andreolli this morning on the subject of his new Nerazzurri shirt number: 6.

Andreolli is not the only player to be changing his number for the 2013/14 season: Hugo Campagnaro will take number 14, which was freed up by Fredy Guarin, who in turn takes 13.
Jonathan also made a switch, to number 2, and Juan Jesus will take number 5.

Ishak Belfodil and Mauro Icardi will be putting on the Nerazzurri shirt for the first time, and they’ll wear 18 and 9 respectively.

-- It’s worth noting that Icardi’s #9 is the early favorite by the shirt buying public in Pinzolo.