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Updates at Pinzolo

Giuseppe Bellini

A couple of things have changed at Interland since the last time I posted so I wanted to make sure that we are all aware of things.

Youth forward Colombi has injured a shoulder and was forced to undergo what should be a long and painful rehabilitation. As such, the unsuitable state of the number of youth attackers being reduced by one was resolved by new purchase for the Primavera, Capelli from Bologna’s youth/senior team being brought up to keep the status quo.

Ishak Belofadil has changed his shirt number once again. He took 18 because 7 and 9 were already taken – 7 by “veteran” Schelotto and 9 by Icardi, who had a prior choice because he signed before Ishak. But since Schelotto will not be using his jersey number no matter his fate, it was agreed that Ishak could have it. Once again, I don’t really care what number who has, as long as they play well.

Pereira has arrived at Pinzolo a day before he was expected. I haven’t read a report that said he actually practiced, so I can’t comment on that. However, his arrival was paired with another youth team player Mira, who I have never heard of before but I know he is a midfielder.

The new Primavera coach was in the stands this week taking notes of the practices that Mazzarri was running the seniors through I what I think is a canny move – one I would like to think that I would be smart enough to do myself where I in that position. Basically you have a coach who worked his way up from the ranks to establish himself as a very good coach and he’s running a summer camp right outside your offices. It’s like a free look at everything this guy has learned, presumably the hard way, so that naïve mistakes and trial and error never have to be chanced. Besides, he can run the youth team the same way-ish to get players familiar with the senior squad formations and preparations.

Kovacic has already acquired an injury that no one thinks is very serious. His down time is looking like a week to 2 weeks.

One of my favorite players ever, Maicon, has left ManCity for what is rumored to be a contract termination in which ManCity paid Maicon €2 mil to leave. It appears that he is already in a Roma shirt training with that team after being brought in on a free. While it’s nice to see him back in Italy, I doubt that I will see him actually on the field for Roma unless something has gone terribly wrong/right. Maicon was terrible for Inter the year after The Treble and the €3.75 mil that we got for shipping him off to England last season was a pittance what Inter could have gotten if they transferred him a year earlier when only Inter was aware of his terrible form. Anyway, I have no bad memories of Maicon, just lovely ones.

Longo’s fate is still up in the air. He’s caught somewhere between Inter and Verona. I would like to see him in Verona to get Serie A experience, but only if he plays. If he’s only going to be buried there, I would prefer him to stay. If he impresses Mazzarri big time then all bets are off.

Our friend from last season, Pasa, has been loaned out to Varese on a loan with right to redemption. If were a betting man, I would think that this set of circumstance would mean that Inter would be happy to see him permanently gone.

Ranocchia has constant transfer rumors surrounding him and I don't understand why. Is there some fire to go with the smoke, starting from the team? There are rumors that the English teams haven't given up on him. Which is fine because I don't see any way Inter sell him to them. Considering all the problems we had with the defense, he was the best of them all, why would the team want to get rid of him and start from a worse position than last season? That just doesn't compute to me. We picked up 2 defenders this transfer season, plus 2 more Primavera players. Would anyone consider any of those guys better than Ranocchia? I wouldn't. And if he was so bad, which he wasn't in my opinion, then why are there so many teams supposedly hitting us up for him? Like I said, if this is being generated from the team then it doesn't compute for me because there isn't anyone around who would replace him with the talent arrow going up in our favor. The latest is that Milan want him.... and if that wasn't bad enough the rumor is that Inter are considering giving him to them... Milan. Inter are rumored to be giving Milan a defender who would upgrade their squad to our own detriment. I don't know, I would think that Inter would be disinclined to do such a thing. I didn't see a source for this but I am betting on either Tuttosport or Sport Media - so basically it's either the front offices of Juventus or Milan generating their own rumors just for fun or propaganda to their own fans. For the record, just to put it out there, I don't see it. There are other ways that they can get money without having to wreck an investment like that. Not to mention that that would go against the very policy that they put in place for this season. While Inter would gleefully destroy team doctrine year to year, they generally like to keep a theme for a whole summer before contradicting it the very next transfer window.

I don’t normally comment on other teams’ transfers if Inter isn't somehow involved, but in this case I am going to make an exception because I like both players concerned. I have never hidden how much I would have liked Cavani to come to Inter when he pleaded with the club to take him from Palermo all those seasons ago. I question Napoli selling him, but I don’t question the price they squeezed out of PSG. I don’t know if there was actually a selling price built into his contract, although I understand why there would be one, if there was one. Jovetic went for less than I thought he might have – or that he was worth – but I applaud Fiorentina getting more than Inter did for either Mario Balotelli or Eto’o. Both of these players were hugely entertaining to me even though they often spelled doom for my own club – and I wish I could make you all understand how rare that is for me, but I guess you will just have to take my word for it. Both of these guys are the real deal – that rare player who is a difference maker, a force that can change the fortunes of the club if they play him just right with just the right coach. I would take both these guys in a heartbeat and I am going to miss them from Serie A. I don’t know if this will anger any fans of these two teams but I am going to say that I don’t think that either team will be able to replace either player with an outside purchase. And considering the point winning nature of their production and how difficult that production is to replace with a bona fide star, both teams might suffer for their loss unless all that money is very wisely spent. I know I will suffer not seeing them in Serie A. My condolences go to fans of these teams if they aren’t already consoled by the incoming money.

This leaves us with the continuing saga of Mauricio Isla and Inter. Last week I said that these two teams wouldn’t want their respective fans thinking that either was giving into the enemy and that something interesting would need to happen. Well, it seems that Inter is willing to take the savings on Isla’s salary that he himself proposed plus a miniscule wavering on the Juve’s purchase price to reciprocate and come up a miniscule amount. From what I have read the scorecard is Inter 6.5 and Juve 7.0 with a final of 6.8 - 7.0 to eventually follow just because I think Inter has tad more incentive to buy than Juve to sell. Isla is reportedly doing very well at Juve’s summer training camp and is only awaiting the word to make the journey to Pinzolo where he claims he’s eager to go. There had been the thought earlier this morning that he was going to make it at Inter camp today but that idea blew up. Still the signs are that it’s so close that we are talking hours instead of days – or so the rumors imply. In fact, I think it was them, had one of those minute by minute things set up so that a hit of f5 would refresh the latest news. As I wrote last week, the right outside midfield/wingback/wing, as far as I am aware is the only position that Mazzarii kinda, sorta, even vaguely hinted about, suggesting as might be something of a concern, in a round about way. So this must be rather important to him, I’m thinking.

If it were done when ‘tis done, then ‘twere well it was done quickly.