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Stream for Inter Friendly - Lineups and Comments

corriere dello sport

The above line up was the early consideration for today's line up from today's Corriere dello Sport.

Frankly it's about what I expected and I have no idea how much of this is Mazzarri's vision of the future, or just a reward for hard workers, or just a throwing together of elements to see what works.

I will say this though - relying on Walter Samuel for the season, if this is an indication of future intentions, is a mistake. I love Walter, like I loved Maicon, but when I say that the man is past it you can believe that he is. I would be willing to delude myself nine ways to Sunday to make that not true but I can't. If Walter is the best we have for the middle 3 on defense then it's going to be a long hard road.

If I find where it's being streamed I will post something. Rumor is that 7gold will show on a delay, but I haven't confirmed that.