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Why Has Juventus Stopped All Negotiation For Isla?

I'm shocked!
I'm shocked!

The word coming out of the media is that physicals and final meetings were scheduled to take place either today or later this week. In fact Isla's agent has said in an interview that all agreements have been made and the deal was done. At some time last night Juventus said that they needed "more time" to think about it. This brings to clarity some words by Conte yesterday when he declared that Isla was still a Juve player. It seemed odd at the time and it raised a lot of eyebrows regarding this deal that has taken forever to get to this point.

So what has changed? I couldn't tell you anything other than speculation. It seems as though Juve has sold one wide player they didn't use and they were about to sell another one. It would stand to reason that while they were negotiating with Inter they were also trying to negotiate for a replacement. It seems like those negotiations for a replacement aren't providing any fruit and now they are stopping the deal with Inter. I don't have any desire whatsoever to look over the Juve roster, but I was under the impression that they already were quite well stocked in the wide player department. They took Asamoah last summer and they added a player from Atalanta in January, I thought. I seem to recall that they already had Lichtsteiner and Marco Motta on the roster. I also seem to recall that Chiellini used to be utilized wide as well. All that is just off the top of my head and I am sure I am missing more players here or there. I don't know how many wide players they need to feel security for the wings, but however many it is we seem to have reached that point.

For the record, I would like to point out how ambivalent I have been over both the player and dealing with that team throughout this whole process. I am not sold on the man - not that he isn't a good player, I am sure he is - nor do I think that dealing with Juventus is worthwhile. As we can see right now, there may not be anything here but wasted time.