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Thohir – Moratti: More Rumors in the Sale of Inter


There have been more rumors than usual lately on this topic and I feel a responsibility to report on some of the chatter.

I have doing my very best to ignore most of the babble, because I know that it’s either just pure speculation or half truth based on half heard or half whispered leaks given in the dark to a media hungry for anything sale-worthy in a dead news period. So, I have been ignoring this until there has been more reliable news.

But, there doesn’t seem to be any stemming of the Thohir/Moratti tide. The basic numbers appear to be thus: 76% of the shares go to Thohir, Moratti and son remains in important offices in the club, and in excess of €350 million goes to Moratti over a period of time.

The sticking point seems to be any debt that Inter has. Every report has the number bigger than the last. At the beginning of the summer it was €150 million. Currently it is reported at around €250 million. However much there is, who pays for this and what kind of time frame it is dealt in is rumored to be the last hurdle to this deal.

Newspapers and websites suggest that we are in the notary public part of the deal, which suggest that everything is the final-ish stage. However, that stage could still last for quite some time yet. There still is a way to go in this race and there is more truth yet to be dealt to the public.