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Serie A Calendar - Inter's Fixtures 2013-2014


The League starts on August 24th, this season and will end on May 18th. There will be no midweek games between Inter, Milan, Juve, Napoli and Roma to prevent congestion for the venues or the teams. That's all that is set in stone right now. After today, we will discover that all the teams in the league will play each other twice - once home and once away. The order in which we play those games is still yet to be determined.

I usually ignore this whole deal, but it will be interesting to see if anyone does anything interesting, say like storm off on a moped, to create another great moment in Serie A history.

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UPDATE: Galliani talking to the media says that there will be no deal for Silvestre with Inter - apparently someone in management has a brain. Giving Silvestre to Milan for a loan is plain stupid. Loan for redemption would have been only slightly better. Huge loan fee plus required to purchase for art least €5 mil would have been ideal.

The complete Serie A schedule can be found HERE. I believe it's completely updated at this point.


Okay so December/May looks like it's going to be quite a tough ride. The first 7 games have their pitfalls too. But that's really the point, isn't it? This team has a lot to prove and we are going to get a lot of information about how far it's come - assuming there has been any improvement at all - very quickly into this season. All that's left to do is finish up the transfers, assuming they aren't finished already and get this season started.