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Inter Loan Player, I Descend into Fan Rage

Things like this just blow my mind. I am beyond angry into a state of stupefied wonder. I wonder how I can be this enraged at this sort of thing as time goes on and it happens over and over. And I wonder if my anger is justified or if it's just Fan Rage.

Last season Cassano was unhappy at Milan. Inter had their own unhappy forward and they were willing to trade - with a little sugar (€7 mil) thrown in for taste. It worked out well for us as Cassano turned in a great year stats wise, but it bought Milan a half year to line up everything they needed to close the Balotelli deal.

Just prior to that we send Muntari over for a loan as his contract was running out and we were desperate to get rid of him and his wages. At the same time Milan was facing an injury blitz to their midfield. Milan took over his payments for the half year and would sign him for a free transfer. But the fact was that he fixed a hole in their midfield that was helpful in getting them to the Champions League that year.

Luckily neither player really looked better for Milan than they had for Inter. Muntari, after that half year of midfield crises for Milan, played in just 19 games last season that include appearing for Milan's Primavera. In contrast, Muntari was for two seasons, at least, a main contributor to Inter getting around 35 games in for 2 years straight. Pazzini scored 16 times last season in all competitions which were better than his totals with Inter last season. But, I recall that he scored 13 when he first transferred to Inter with only 16 games left on the schedule plus a few Champions League/Coppa games. The difference in goals from those two separate seasons can more or less be explained by the vast increase in penalty opportunities he has with his new club and more than twice the games played to get to that total.

So there wasn't huge stat or performance surge for these guys when they joined Milan from Inter, in fact Milan "better dealed" them both in short order. The summer after Muntari went to Milan, they fortified their midfield with several signings relegating Muntari spot duty. After a half year with Pazzini, Milan signed Mario Balotelli with their Ibra money.

So if bailing Milan out of their roster problems for the last few seasons isn't enough, we are going to send over Silvestre. Yesterday, this deal was completely dead as Milan didn't want to pay the rumored €1.5 mil fee for the loan, Silvestre's wage plus be required to buy the rights for Silvestre. Galliani came out before the schedule draw to say that the deal was dead. And I was happy. I know that Milan has 3 defenders hurting with injuries right now. I was fine with that state of affairs.

Here are the rumored numbers - there is only a €1 million loan fee. The cost of the full card is €4 mil. There is no indication whether that payment for the full card is required, like it was for us. It would make more sense if it was, although I am not holding out hope for "sense" at this point. If this is the state of affairs - with purchase of the card required - then it's a reasonable deal and Inter gets to chuck out another player that didn't make the cut for minimal loss - the whole experiment only cost the team €4 million (difference in the transfer fees plus 1 years salary). But would I have been happier if, worst case scenario, Inter had to hold onto the player for another season only to sell at much less to a team like Genoa, who have expressed interest? There would be the increased cost and decreased return, and it'slikely that Milan would have been able to fill that roster space as adequately for a similar cost from another source.

And I am struggling with those feelings. I really don't care if Milan fill their roster requirements, but it makes me angry to think that it's us that's doing business with them. I mean, to further beat this dead horse, I doubt that Silvestre tops their call up sheet, not to mention it'll take him some time to get into game shape for this season considering he's on extended vacation instead of working out in anticipation of his imminent transfer this summer. This could be a good deal for us opening a roster spot for a position that we really need - ahemmidfieldahem. All that known and understood, but it still feels weird. And it doesn't make me happy to do business with those people.