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Mazzarri Takes Charge

Walter Mazzarri had been working at Pinzolo for the last week trying to physically adjust the offices and training grounds to meet his requirements. From what I have read, he increased the size of the indoor facilities. He also built or repurposed a meeting room into a classroom to conduct meetings and film study. I recall Mourinho doing similar things his first season with Inter, but that was at the Angelo Moratti Sports Center, if I am not mistaken. I don’t recall if Inter were conducting training camp at Pinzolo yet.

Mazzarri called up 31 players including 6 youth players. Schelotto and Silvestre were not included in the invitation. I think we can expect to see both of those players departing soon. Word is that Schelotto has already met with the leadership at Inter to determine where he’s going to play this season. There is no word about Silvestre yet. My gut tells me that he’s going to make his way to Parma after all.

Mazzarri planned on meeting with each player - I don’t recall if that meeting was supposed to be scheduled for the morning or if was going to be a continuous thing all day. Lunch was eaten with players and technical staff in the same room. Then there was a fitness test and then a training session. Tomorrow’s schedule includes two training sessions.

Speaking to the press, the new Inter coach declared that “We won’t be messing around here. I want maximum concentration. This season is important to everyone. We are all playing for something. We need to redeem ourselves and prove our worth. Those who run will play.”