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Chivu's Toe Problem Could End Inter Journey

Claudio Villa

Chivu has reported to The Angelo Moratti Sport Center yesterday with the continuing toe problem that plagued him last season and forced him to have 2 surgeries on it. And while I am not Chivu's biggest fan, I feel his pain regarding the decision that the coaches now have to make regarding his availability, his cost effectiveness and the transfer window deadline.

Basically this is where we are: as of right now Chivu failed his fitness test. That's the first step and it's not a good one. Unlike Obi of last season, there is no upside to Chivu. He's not a starter, nor would I argue that he's a primary backup at this point. He's down the pecking order and he's well past thirty. He's not thirty like Javier was thirty, Chivu is thirty. The bad kind. The diminishing skills and physical ability kind. To his good luck retreat hasn't happened yet and there might be some time before it becomes a serious issue that effects the teams chance to rotate players through drills. Or, even worse, it could lead to a hole in the roster like lack of forwards did last season. To his bad luck the transfer window is still open. At this point Inter might just decide that's it easier to bring in a new, younger face with all the appropriate working extremities.

Chivu's contract is up in one year and he's still one of the top salary people, now that so many hefty salaries are gone. The team will have to weigh sentiment against spread sheet on this one.