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New Inter Player Bio Part 3


Inter formally announce the signing of 20 year old Uruguayan Diego Sebastian Laxalt Suarez from Defensor Sporting. The transfer deal totalled just over €2 million. Laxalt is very much a wide midfielder, although that position for Inter is considered fullback and is in fact on the official website as a defender. He took number 93. The contract is rumored to be for 5 years.

Laxalt was a major factor for the Uruguayan U20 team that spent all that time playing this summer in the U20 World Cup. He had his ups and downs but he got a lot of notoriety for his raw speed. Almost all players have at least functional running speed - but Laxalt showed potentially game changing playing speed. From what I saw, he played on either the left wing or the left side of a midfield three. He reminds me of Obi. A lot. He didn't appear to be very technical, he dribbled okay but passing was meh and he's rather too young to be very aware of the moving pieces on the field.

There is every chance that he gets loaned out to Livorno - see also; Mazzarri Commandment #10 - to get acclimated to Italy and Serie A, but that depends how much he impresses this summer. I doubt that he'll see any time tonight against Chelsea.

I don't have a real opinion on him yet because I just haven't seen too much of him, other than a couple of games this summer other than to marvel at this speed. I will commit to this - he is a high effort guy, he looks like he has that attitude of running through a brick wall. He looks very nice going forward, more tenacious than smooth to be sure, I don't think he's great coming back. But I will say this: I like that he makes a lot of effort. If he can improve that side of his game he'll be very, very interesting.