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Sussuolo vs Inter Review

7-0? Jesus almighty in Heaven. Never did I think I would see the day that this would happen, especially away from home.

Novara this team was not, Mazzarri was no Strama, and long gone are the days where we fans are scared to play again teams such as this.

I’ll be taking a page out of MAD’s book to write up reviews. I mean hey, we’re all accustom to the format so why change a good thing?

The Ugly The Bad

To be dreadfully honest, I didn't like the amount of shots that Sussuolo were afforded. I know, they were mostly from distance but there were a few crosses that looked quite dangerous (re Schelotto). During the game, the Sussuolo players were given a few free headers in our box and they were also allowed to cross with ease when given the chance. Our defenders need to start attacking the ball a lot more when its swung in, regardless of the opposition. Luckily for us, Schelotto and Co. squandered ever opportunity they got. If even one goal had gone in today, I swear I would be giving our defense the tongue lashing of a life time. Maybe I’m reading into things too much but given our propensity to take matches such as this for granted, do you blame me? Beyond what I’ve said, I really didn’t see anything worth the Ugly or the Bad title except for maybe Taider’s tackle on Schelotto in the first half.

The Bad The Good

Il Principe. He looked slow. He looked Jaded at times. Sometimes he even looked lost. But hell, he and his knee looked good today. It was wonderful to see him back out on the field.

It was nice to see Guarin pretend to show up today. He played well and made some of those "trademark" runs of his. What really irks me about this lad is that he seldom shows us his abilities. Why can’t I have this Guarin show up for most of the calendar? Why are we forced watch the Guarin who does nothing for a team during most match days? Against teams with more ability, Guarin does a Recoba and disappears leaving the team wanting. I wish that he read this. Why? Because I would love to challenge him to give this sort of performance for at least 3 consecutive match days. Alas, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Given what took place, no one player can be singled out to be the game definer. Nor can I speak about our tactics in depth as it was a pretty simple high-pressure system that allowed us to achieve this result. All our goals were pretty good. Even the own goal was a hell of a finish. If I had to pick my favorite from today, it would Cuchu’s. That was a stunning effort that gave the keeper no chance. It reminded me of what Figo would do given that sort of opportunity.

The Good The Excellent

Mazzarri management of this team has been excellent. You could see from the off that Walter made the boys understand that nothing was to be taken for granted. He made the boys pressure the Sussuolo midfield and defense with relentless grit and guile. That in itself is amazing. I’ve been watching This Inter team play for the better part of 15 years, and I have never seen them press lesser opposition like they did today.

"Kirby! What’s wrong with you? We just won 7-0 away from home! You should be really happy and celebrating. Why are you so pessimistic?!" I know this seems like a bit of a negative post in some sections, but I believe that we cannot dwell on achievements such as this. I was over this match as soon as the final whistle went. We have too much to prove to lose sight of our goals and a match such as this invites complacency. I hope that Walter drills the boys until Thursday, as La Viola are no walk overs.


+ We scored 7 goals
+ We kept a clean sheet
+ The Tactics we spot on
+ Guarin showing us he has ability to be explosive still
+ Milito made his return to competitive action
+ The team continued to show they are going from strength to strength
+ Mazzarri smiling when Milito scored


+ Our defenders not attacking crosses enough
+ Guarin teasing us by showing us he has ability to be explosive still
+ Schelotto crying at the end of the match (this one legitimately made me sad)