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Inter Transfer Summary

Maurizio Lagana



Saphir Taider (21 Midfielder) for €5.7 mil plus .5 Lexalt ownership

Wallace (19 Winger) loan for €1.5 mil flat

Rolando (28 Defender) loan for €500,000. with option for permanent move

Diego Lexalt (20 Winger/Midfielder) for €2.25 mil

Mauro Icardi (20 Striker) for €6 mil cash on co-ownership with Samp.

Ishak Belfodil (21 Forward) for €7.5 mil on co-ownership with Parma

Matias Silvestre (28 Defender) for €6 mil from Palermo

Luca Caldirola (23 Defender) €700,000. from Cesena

Hugo Campagnaro (32 Defender) Free

Marco Andreollini (27 Defender) Free

Juan Pablo Carrizo (29 Goalkeeper) Free

Gabi Mudigayi (31 Midfielder) €700.000 redemption of loan from Bologna

Alfred Duncan (20 Midfielder) End of loan

Samuele Longo (21 Forward) End of loan

Daniel Bessa (20 Midfielder) End of loan

Francesco Bardi (21 goalkeeper) End of loan

Guilio Donati (23 Winger) End of loan

Matteo Bianchetti (20 Defender) End of Loan



Dejan Stankovic (34 Midfielder) Retire/Contract Termination

Antonio Cassano (30 Forward) to Parma LOAN – no fee no right to redeem

Luca Caldirola (23 Defender) to Werder for €2.25 mil

Guilio Donati (23 Winger) to Leverkusen for €3.0 mil

Matias Silvestre (28 Defender) to Milan LOAN - €1 million fee right to redeem €4 mil

Matteo Bianchetti (20 Defender) co-ownership with Verona - €500,000.

Joel Obi (22 Midfielder) to Parma LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

Ezequiel Schelotto (24 Winger) to Sassuolo LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

Tommaso Rocchi (35 Forward) End of contract

Walter Gargano** (28 Midfielder) Returned to Napoli

Diego Lexalt (20 Winger) co-ownership with Bologna – part of Taider deal

Alfred Duncan (20 Midfielder) to Livorno LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

Samuele Longo (21 Forward) to Verona LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

Ibrahima Mbaye (18 Defender) to Livorno LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

Simone Pasa (19 Defender/Midfielder) LOAN – Varese

Vid Belec (23 Goalkeeper) to Olhanense LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

Marco Benassi (19 Midfielder) to Livorno LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

Francesco Bardi (23 Goalkeeper) to Livorno LOAN – fee unknown no right to redeem

*Observant readers will notice that there is no mention of long time blog favorite Lorenzo Crisetig. Last season Lo went on loan to Spezia where he played very little. Last January Inter essentially cancelled that loan and set up a new one with Crotone which served the needs of the team and the player much better. This past spring Inter and Crotone met to determine Crisetig’s fate. Inter was happy with the quantity of Crisetig’s playing time and Crotone was happy with Crisetig’s playing quality. Crisetig agreed with both team’s sentiments and all three parties involved decided that it was better for everyone if Crisetig stay with Crotone through summer camp so that he could be a real contributor in both quality and quantity. This background is just for those who don’t already know the story of why he’s not on either of these two lists.

**Gargano was originally set to become an Inter player "permanently" at the end of his loan spell. However, observers of subtly and nuance have noticed that there has been a rift between the two owners of Napoli and Inter since their buddy-buddy days of last season. It goes like this: De La is miffed that Moratti didn’t contact him personally about taking either the player – which happened first remember – or the coach that he wanted to re-sign. Campagnaro was ending his contract with Napoli and he resisted all efforts at renewal. It was widely speculated that Inter was very interested in him. This rumor allowed Inter to sign him without paying Napoli anything and it steeled Campagnaro against any appeal to loyalty for renewal.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Mazzarri resisting renewal amongst rumors of Inter’s interest. All reports had De La… not desperate, but very desirous of Mazzarri’s continued successful leadership. Mazzarri’s rejection of De La’s Napoli felt premeditated and underhanded – especially in light of Campagnaro’s suspicious rejecting of a new contract. A tit for tat of rather childish and spiteful moves followed. In the wash was Gargano’s Inter’s contract who apparently not actually agreed to his redemption in writing.