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The Inter Poll: The Fredy Diaries

What do we do with Fredy Guarin?

Valerio Pennicino

After the insanity that ensued yesterday regarding the Fredy Guarin/Mirko Vucinic swap that was confirmed, then cancelled because of the negative response of the fans, then resumed later that evening, we want to know what you want to happen with the misfit midfielder.

In case you missed it, the initial confirmation that sent the Curva Nord off the rail and Interisti worldwide in a frenzy was a surprise deal between Inter and Juventus. Guarin would be off to Turin, while Vucinic and <s>4</s> 2.5 - 3 million was on its way to Milano. Vucinic had said his goodbyes to his Juve teammates while reports had Guarin ready to go to Juventus, even after the deal had been called off.

This leaves us with the question...