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The Fredy Fallout

Transfer windows are rarely boring and Fredy Guarin's situation makes sure that Winter 2014 does not disappoint.

Guarin takes a tumble
Guarin takes a tumble
Dino Panato

Over the last week, it has been nearly impossible to try and make sense of anything and everything that has gone on at Inter headquarters. The transfer window thus far has encapsulated and mirrored the club’s theme song, "Pazza Inter" and by the look of things, the window (and season, for that matter) still has the potential of getting crazier.

Fredy Guarin has been the center of all this strife and as we approach the end of the week, he appears to still be the main headline. As much of a shock that the now collapsed Guarin – Mirko Vucinic swap was to everyone, Guarin’s actions from Monday night forward has made it quite apparent that Inter need to get rid of the Colombian (preferably out of the country). According to reports, he and his agent have pulled nearly every trick in the book, from agreeing to a contract with Juventus, to pushing the deal forward after the fans made the club call it off, and rumors have it that he had the gall to call Massimo Moratti so he could move to Juve.

Unsurprisingly, Guarin did not show up to training yesterday. Inter gave him permission to take a few days off for "professional reasons," and it is a good move by the midfielder to take these days to save face and spare him the embarrassment of having to face his teammates and the angry mob of tifosi who, without any doubt, would be outside the gates of Appiano Gentile. (Editor's note - Guarin is currently at Appiano but not training, as of 11.00 CET, January 23, 2014.)

So how close exactly was this deal to being finalized?

Pretty close, if you take all the facts into account. Reports vary, but either Moratti or new owner Erick Thohir pulled the rug out after the very loud voice of Interisti worldwide was heard. Guarin tweeted his thank yous and goodbyes, and Vucinic had been wished well by Leonardo Bonucci while finishing his medical. (Guarin quickly deleted his tweets from his account.)

Even more insane? Reports from Italy speculated that a Vucinic to Inter deal was still a real possibility (albeit on loan), despite the failed swap from the previous 48 hours. Of course, after Juve’s statements and Giuseppe Marotta’s ridiculous press conference yesterday, any dealings with them (Grazie Dio) can be basically tossed out the window.

Speaking of Juve’s press conference, it was nearly five minutes of hypocrisy, as Marotta held the conference because he has to "defend Juve" and claimed Inter were not "serious" because of the Nerazzurri’s hesitance to go through with the deal in the eleventh hour. It seems as if the Turin club has a short memory, as they clearly do not remember their backing out of the deal from last summer in which Mauricio Isla was supposed to be on his way to Inter. He continued on to say that if Inter wanted to do any business with Juve in the future, Thohir would have to talk to Andrea Agnelli and "explain" Inter’s actions in this non-deal.

Considering events in recent years involving Juventus, such as Calciopoli and the disrespectful accusations against former Inter legend and the now deceased Giacinto Facchetti, hurling accusatory statements about integrity may be a bit far-fetched from the Turin based club.

One thing is guaranteed: When Inter and Juve face each other in two weeks’ time, it will be an intense Derby d’Italia.

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