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Gary Medel injured during Peru-Chile match.

Inter midfielder was injured during the Peru-Chile match.

Buda Mendes

According to @FcInter1908it, Inter midfielder Gary Medel sustained an injury while playing for Chile.  He was substituted in the 46th minute following Peru's Cruzado's elbow (which saw him expelled from the match).  The Chilean National Team's doctor stated that Medel suffered a dislocated fracture of a tooth and a crown of another tooth as well as a cut necessitating stitches. Despite his injury the Nerazzurri midfielder remains in the Chilean camp and is questionable for the Bolivian match.

Medel is injured in the Peru-Chile match (go to 1:06 for the elbow that injured the Inter midfielder).

The Inter midfielder seems to be in good spirits as he tweeted this out thanking everyone for their support as he is resting and ready to play on Tuesday.