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Thank you

A thank you to the SB Nation Inter Offside as well as a look at a collection of La's favorite pieces...

Forza Inter!
Forza Inter!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SB Nation and the Inter Offside community for the opportunity to contribute this past year to passionate discourse about the club that we all love, Inter.

For various reasons, Max, TB, and I have decided to step away from the site but wanted to thank all of you who have read, commented, and generally appreciated the original pieces that we contributed to the site.

As a parting gift, I wanted to share a collection of my fondest memories from the SBNI team. Below are a few (okay, a lot), of my favorite pieces from my SBNI cohorts.

Where do I begin with TB? She did it all. Sonotuttobene brought us Inter news 24/7 including the Inter Express which summed up the breaking news for the Nerazzurri. Here's the Vidic version for those of you who forgot that he still wears an Inter kit.

Her sublime writing covered all things Inter for the SBNI team. She brought us creative games to play when Inter were on summer break as TB was the driving force behind the "Inter Arcade" and came up with the World Cup Word Search as well as the World Cup Bracketology.

TB also brought us fun pieces informing us of The Inter Twitteratti, as well as more somber articles like the announcement of Massimo Moratti's departure from Inter.

Lastly, my all-time favorite TB piece was the collaboration between the Milan Offside and our SBNI site as we shared our favorite memories demonstrating that "fair play" was possible as both clubs coexisted within the city as well as shared the same stadium.

(Please click here for the Top Derby Moments Countdown: # 1, 4-0 Wesley's Debut and here for the Recap of SB Nation Inter's Top Derby Moments in its entirety).

The second of our triad was Max. He is one in a million. He brought a fun-filled approach to the site as well as to his articles. Max's humorous pieces guaranteed laughter which was sorely needed especially during the final moments of Mazzarri's tenure.

My favorite Mad Max piece was his Halloween special where he "trick or treated" around the Serie A Neighborhood. Even though Halloween has already passed, if you are in need of a laugh, please give this "treat" a read.

Along with his wicked sense of humor, he will forever be renowned for his Inter Preview pieces. His take on Inter and their opponents was hilarious as he provided analysis in a comedic manner. Max's originality provided us with previews that included the following topical headings: "Operation," "Fear Factor," "Enemy of the State," and "Medal of Honor."

Here is a look at two of Max's previews for both the league and Europa League competitions.

Lastly, I would like to share of a few of my favorite SBNI pieces that I contributed to the site.

First off, my SBNI Postmatch Recaps and Analyses. My dissertations dissecting the Inter performances would make any academic proud as I stealthily detailed each moment of the match as well as analyzed the methodology and implications of the game. While my analytical mind enjoyed such detail, I took pity on the readers and not only shortened the length of my pieces but also combined the postmatch recaps and analysis instead of leaving it in its original form of two, lengthy, highly analytical pieces.

My pieces tended to run long and were quite serious in nature but I too had a fun side as I brought the infamous Inter Poll to the site where the options were as zany as the questions themselves. Here is an example of both the more serious as well as fun Inter Polls.

Of all the articles written, I am most proud of the original pieces I contributed to the SBNI site during my tenure that touched on matters beyond football specifically those of a social justice nature. I often wrote about topics that were challenging to write as well as read on controversial subjects that raised the consciousness of our readership.

Along the way, I was able to raise awareness for events such as Typhoon Haiyan, the passing of Nelson Mandela, Inter's very own Dejan Stankovic helping flood victims, and the Nerazzurri's efforts in an anti-discrimination campaign.

Never backing down from writing about rampant racism within the world of football, I also determinedly attacked racism within the Italian footballing community including that of Sampdoria's President Ferrero insulting Inter's President Thohir.

Lastly, my favorite piece written, covered the topic of racism specifically Tavecchio and Inter's "response" to his appointment. (Please click here to read, "A Disheartened and Disappointed Interista").

Thank you to those who have supported and appreciated our efforts over this past year. It was truly a pleasure to provide insightful, creative, and originally entertaining pieces to the SB Nation Inter Offside site.

Forza Inter!