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Who is to blame for Inter's current situation?

A look at who is to blame for Inter's current situation. Also, the latest Inter poll which asks the SBNation Inter Offside community members for their opinions.

Marco Luzzani

Inter is a hot mess. There is no other way to describe what transpired during the last match as they faced 20th placed Parma. They were bad and there was no redeeming quality to point to; no silver lining to pin one's hope to; only a terrible performance that justifiably earned zero points and a loss.

A worrying sign for Interisti is the amount of errant crosses and passes; bad defending; a disjointed attack; and overall lackluster performances by the players.  Are the players the ones to take the brunt of the blame or is it the manager?

Mazzarri has been on the hot seat of late. Inconsistent performances, losses or draws to bottom dwelling sides, and a pile of excuses that could rival that of a failing hedge fund trying to explain why the results are so poor while still keeping your money. The players are following the manager's strategy so how much responsibility should Mazzarri take in the poor form of this Inter team?

Thohir has also been under scrutiny as the Moratti family and aligned board members walked out due to a variety of complaints least of which was the reportedly totalitarian approach taken by the new regime that seemed to exclude all members of the board leaving those on the outs feeling disrespected enough so to walk out on their beloved club. If the new owner and his board are taking complete control over the entirety of Inter's operations, at what point does Thohir need to take responsibility for the results. He employs the manager and continues to "give a show of support" for Mazzarri even with his failings. Thohir is buying the players and is creating the current culture at Inter. How much responsibility should the new owner take in carrying on with someone who is such an obvious poor fit for the job? Is Thohir putting the proper people in charge, both on and off the pitch, to truly bring Inter back to glory or is his main purpose, from what is rumored, to balance Inter's books regardless of what that means in results and the ability to compete for European spots.

That brings us to the Inter poll question, we here at SB Nation Inter Offside want to ask you what your thoughts are on whom needs to step up and take responsibility for this dismal spell.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.