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Inter Poll: High-flying Hernanes

Make sure to vote in this edition of the SB Nation Inter Poll, where we ask our community to vote on where they best see Hernanes playing in the Nerazzurri midfield.

Hernanes, Nerazzurri midfielder extraordinaire
Hernanes, Nerazzurri midfielder extraordinaire
Claudio Villa

Before we move onto the topic of this week’s “Inter Poll” we would like to report out the previous results, in case you missed it. Below are the results from weeks past:

The Fredy Diaries asked the Inter Offside community “What do we do with Fredy Guarin?” The overwhelming winner was option “B,” with 39% of the vote. Most of you voted that you wanted to “Wait for a foreign offer and sell Guarin out of the country.” Now whether he stays or goes at this juncture may depend on how he performs throughout the rest of the season and for his country, Colombia during this year’s World Cup.

Prior to the craziness of the January transfer market, we asked you “What do you want from Inter Claus this Christmas?” in which 30% of you wanted option “A,” a striker. Well, we know by now that you did not get a striker but hopefully with Milito and Icardi returning from injury, it will seem like we have two new strikers.

Speaking of the transfer market, while there was no striker that came, we did acquire midfield talent, Hernanes in January. We, here at @SBNationInter would like to know: