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Inter Poll: Midfield Mayhem

The following includes a recap of the past two Inter Polls as well as the new poll topic of Nerazzurri midfield selection.

Inter boss, Walter Mazzarri gives the players a thumbs up.
Inter boss, Walter Mazzarri gives the players a thumbs up.
Claudio Villa

Before moving onto the next edition of the Inter Poll, here is a recap of the last two SB Nation Inter Offside polls.

Our last two polls, first on Vidic and then on the Juventus infighting, came within mere days of each other as the latter about the Bianconeri headlines came up as a pleasant surprise for us Interisti.

To refresh your memories, the "Veni, Vidi...Vidic?" poll asked for your opinions on the signing of Nemanja Vidic. Option "C" reflected that 57% of those voting thought that "Vidic can be useful as a veteran center back in a rotation as long as he can stay healthy."

The "Special edition Inter Poll: Juventus infighting, 29 sul campo?" also garnered a 57% vote where option "D" won the majority of votes. Most felt that "All of this Juventus infighting is entertaining and all very amusing for us Interisti and all non-Juventini."

Now that we are caught up with the past Inter Poll results, this finally brings us to our topic at hand. Heading into the 28th round of fixtures, the Nerazzurri boss, Mazzarri finds himself in a different situation where he actually has a multitude of midfield players to choose from as many have returned from injury. We here at SB Nation Inter would like to know: