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Inter Poll: Return of the Eto'o?

A recap of last week's Inter Poll on Midfield Mayhem as well as this week's poll asking about Samuel Eto'o's possible return.

Could Samuel Eto'o possibly return to Inter?
Could Samuel Eto'o possibly return to Inter?
Claudio Villa

Our last Inter Poll, entitled "Midfield Mayhem" seemed to cause a bit of mayhem in the comments' section as the winner to the question asking which Mazzarri midfield five the SB Nation Inter Offside community wanted to see was option "E. None of the Above, I will write in my own fave five in the comments below." With this being said, while 39% of the 45 votes opted for "E" only a fraction of the voters left comments stating their own preferred combination with most agreeing with the the first comment from SB Nation Inter Offside community member, "Isaaciam" with "D'Ambrosio - Kovacic - Cambiasso - Hernanes - Nagatomo." (It is worth mentioning that no other comments were made after Jonathan's "divine" performance against Hellas Verona with an assist and goal as he led Inter to an important victory to continue the unbeaten streak).

This week's Inter Poll shifts to transfer rumors (yes, it's that time of year again), with a certain striker possibly making a return to the Nerazzurri. Yesterday after the Chelsea victory over Galatasaray (which saw the London team advance in the Champions League), goal scorer, Samuel Eto'o was asked if he would be willing to make a return to Inter in which he purportedly replied that if Massimo Moratti would ask him, he may return.

So this brings us to the latest question: