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WWE wrestling superstar, Rey Mysterio is an Interista

The WWE wrestling superstar, Rey Mysterio stops by Inter training to share his love for the Nerazzurri.

Rey Mysterio, Interista
Rey Mysterio, Interista

As TB stated in the Inter Twitteratti piece, Inter is trying to increase its visibility with social media as well as global branding. The latest celebrity to don the black and blue Inter kit is WWE wrestling superstar, Rey Mysterio. He stopped by training on March 20, 2014 to say hello to the players, take some photos, do an interview on Inter Channel, and give Javier Zanetti his own "Rey Mysterio" mask. The announcement of Rey Mysterio's allegiance to Inter was like a body slam throughout twitter that left it whimpering.

An interview with Rey Mysterio via the Inter Channel:

Rey Mysterio gives Javier Zanetti a special mask as the Inter captain gives the WWE wrestling star his very own specialized "619" Inter kit:

Sempre Forza Inter!